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I enjoy a lot during this course. It has opened my mind on seeing things in a different perspective. And the lesson was very structured. It has really ¡¥loosen¡¦ my mind. Thank you.

Jacky Chua Boon Siew, Singapore

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Joey Yap: Missing Sectors (Part 2)
Source : Star Property
Date : 19 Oct 2010

In our previous article, we illustrated how missing sectors affect different occupants in a household. For example, a missing Southwest sector affects the mother of the house, while a missing North sector corresponds to the middle son. To further recap, a missing sector occurs when a significant chunk of the floor plan is not present - if you imagine the entire floor plan of the house to be a square piece of cake equally divided into nine parts (called the 9 Palace Grid). Next, stand in the approximate center of your house with a compass in your hands - this will tell you the direction of each sector.

If the Northwest sector is missing or weak (significantly smaller than the rest of the floor plan size), then the father of the household is at a disadvantage in receiving any positive Feng Shui benefits from the house. Additionally, one's ability to wield power and authority is also diminished, as these are attributes governed by the Northwest sector. Those who are in managerial positions, politicians and CEO's for example, would need to ensure that this sector is not missing in the house.

The North sector governs one's intelligence and thinking powers. Those in strategic thinking or creative jobs - and jobs that require travel and communication - should find a house that has a strong North sector. The North, being the element of Water, also governs Sales and Marketing. Additionally, based on San Yuan Feng Shui principles, a natural lake in the North from your property makes it extremely positive Feng Shui!

The South sector, being the element of Fire, governs beauty and elegance. If you are in the beauty business, run a wellness center or spa, you need to ensure the presence of this sector. Fire also governs the restaurant business, broadcasting, and all the glitz and glamour. As mentioned in the previous article, the South sector also governs ones capacity for passion and happiness in life - so you really do not want this one missing!

The property industry itself is governed by the Southwest and Northeast sectors, both bearing the element of Earth. If you plan to invest in (and profit from) the property market, you first need to ensure that both the Southwest and Northeast sectors are present in your house. Without these elemental containers for the right kind of Qi, most of your efforts will be met with challenges after challenges! If it is not feasible for you to move into a more suitable configuration, it is also possible to switch the approach based on the current given Feng Shui.

For example, the East and Southeast, being the element of Wood, governs education, teaching, creative arts, and all forms of growth and evolution. If your Southwest sector is missing (property luck is weak), but your East sector is strong, consider teaching and training instead in property investing!

Here's another well-kept piece of knowledge in the study of the Chinese Five Element (also known as the Five Phases of Qi) - property development belongs to the Wood element, as it deals with building something new (growth and progress). Property trading (ready-built ones) belongs to the element of Earth.

Last but not least, for those of you in the banking and finance sector, you should ensure that the West sector of your home is present. To take this one step further, based on Classical Feng Shui, if you can find a property with a hill to the West direction, this further augurs your position in the banking or finance industry as it gives you a big boost in your life and career.

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