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It was a very exciting and interesting trip in Kuala Lumpur. I have learnt a lot and will take the knowledge back to Europe.

Marion Hinderer, Germany

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The Year of the Horse 2014
Source : New Straits Times
Date : 25 Jan 2014
by Gerald Chuah

"IT will be a strong, competitive and thriving year,"

"In ancient times, horses are animals of race and war, so you have to stay emotionally strong and competitive to emerge victorious,

"However there is also a self-punishment star. It means people will get emotional, overly aggressive, and reactive to things and may say something they may regret later in life,"

Jessie Lee, a qualified BaZi consultant for Joey Yap Consulting Group, and instructor with Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics from Kuala Lumpur, said although generally The Year of the Horse will be a challenging year, there are no reasons to be worried and anxious.

Here are some of her general forecast and predictions for the Year of the Horse 2014 (based on the Chinese calendar):

Do's and Don'ts

As this is a year of change, people need to look forward to creative solutions and innovations to move ahead.

Horses are competitive animals by nature, therefore it is a good year to constantly be on the move, and keep moving forward. On the other hand, avoid doing the same old things which may lead to stagnation.


"The main star element this year is fire, and the secondary element is wood. As fire is aggressive, we foresee there will be a lot of changes.

Fire has the ability to burn, exhaust and evaporate. It can also scorch and harden the earth.

In extreme situations, this can scorch everything, especially with fights and wars happening around us. Big companies can also take over small companies forcefully through acquisition.

Life Purpose

In these challenging times, it is good to know your passion and life purpose. People who do not find what they are striving and looking for, will feel lost and frustrated.

Fire related industry will do well including oil and gas, consultancy, spirituality, and personal growth.

Everyone must to take time off to reflect on personal matters, as people tend to be emotionally affected. This is not a year to avoid decisions, but do not make a permanent decision based on temporary emotions.

Diseases and Catastrophe

As the fire element is strong and spreading upwards, there may be an outbreak of germs, bacteria, or viruses especially during the hot summer months. There may also be bush fires, volcano eruptions and earthquake in some hotspots in the world.


Generally speaking, the economy is not so promising. This is not a suitable year to be overly committed in investment, and it is better to have cash in hand.

Check on your financial status before investing. Those who are cash rich will benefit more.

For property investors, this is a year to hold on. Those who cannot hold on, may want to let go their property at lower price. With more cash in hand, you have more opportunities to look for better deals.


As fire is hot, the water industry will thrive (this represents the tourism and service industry).

Instead of saving money, some people may decide to travel more to de-stress and recuperate. Instead of focusing on expanding customer base, all companies should improve their sales and services, as good customer service will always thrive.

Making the Best of 2014

Each year is unique. Every year, important decisions must be made. When there is danger, there are also hidden opportunities.

Despite the challenges, I believe we can still make the best of the year, if we keep on the right track and keep moving forward.

Life is shaped by the quality of our decisions. In order to make better decisions, you need to be aware of your options and opportunities.

Like all years, this year has its share of challenges and difficulties, but if you are prepared to put your remedies and enhancements in place, you will do just fine. For more information, go to

Click here to view the review in full.

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