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I am very glad, happy and fortunate to find you. Your method of teaching is though, structured and detailed. I particularly like the answers to the “why”, which helped me understanding of the formula of this, the unnecessary need to just to by rote learning (as taught by many so called feng shui teachers). I will certainly pursue the further study of feng shui, xuan kong, Bazi, Yi Jing in order to fully appreciate all the forces that govern, benefit, affect and influence man and his /her interaction with nature and others humans.One day your teaching will reach Hong Kong and China. Bring feng shui back to it home in the manner it deserved.

Sarah Ho Sook Ming , Hong Kong

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Busting Feng Shui myths: Water does NOT generate wealth!
Source : Home & Decor Singapore
Date : 17 Jul 2016
by Dato' Joey Yap

Whether you’re an avid practitioner of Feng Shui or just an observer of the art, you may have heard misconceptions regarding the Water Element. As one of the more important parts of Feng Shui, it is important that the water element is interpreted accurately. Feng Shui expert Dato’ Joey Yap sets the record straight by busting myths surrounding the water elment.

Myth #1: Water equals wealth

In Cantonese, the word “water” is often used to refer to “money”. There is also a Chinese saying which, when translated to English, means “water equals money”. This is perhaps where the confusion originated, and many assume that the more water is present in a home, the wealthier its occupants.

However, in classical Feng Shui, "water does not create, attract, or generate wealth in the sense of dollar and cents," says Dato' Joey Yap. "As the main representation of the Yang element, the Water’s role is to circulate, gather, move and activate qi. It doesn’t generate qi – and that includes wealth qi as well."

Thus, assuming that Water is responsible for creating wealth is absolutely wrong. However, when used correctly and with other Feng Shui element, water can have a positive effect on wealth, health, and relationships.

Myth #2: Placing water on the right side might cause a man to cheat on his wife

This theory is called Roving Eyes, and it claims that water on the right side of the house will lead to a roving eye, or affairs, by the man of the house. This is simply a stubborn old wives’ tale that refuses to go away. There is no mention of such principle in Feng Shui classical texts.

"The only time Water can affect a marital relationship is if it happens to activate a Peach Blossom Star in the property," Dato' Joey Yap advises. This Peach Blossom Star could be located anywhere and not necessarily on the right hand side of the property or Main Door.

Myth #3 Water element must be accompanied by fishes

Many assume that the number, type or colour of the fishes in an aquarium is intimately connected to the Feng Shui quotient of the property. This has absolutely no effect on the Feng Shui of the property; fishes are used for aesthetic purposes, and to make it less obvious that you are using Feng Shui. In reality, all it takes for a water formula is a pump in an aquarium, which will circulate the water and keep it “active”.

Myth #4: Anything to do with water will work

The image or sound of water is not considered as Water in classical Feng Shui. Hanging a picture of water in a room does nothing to affect Feng Shui, and neither does playing ambient water sounds. However, if you find it therapeutic, why not?

Feng Shui has also nothing to do with where you place your furniture.

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