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So far so good. A lot of information, thank you Joey. I like the accompanied workbook, quite detailed.

Colleen Bartolini, U.S.A.

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Feng Shui not all about big changes
Source : The Star
Date : 2 Oct 2004
by Charles Fernandez

Observing feng shui does not mean having expensive items and carrying out massive renovations.

In fact, folks asked to do all this by feng shui masters must be wary.

There are many bogus feng shui master out there and principal and founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, Joey Yap said one way of testing them was by asking many questions to test their knowledge in this field.

“It is important to know their background, where they studied feng shui and the system they advocate,” said Yap.

He waned that folks should not confuse superstition with feng shui which involved four main factors: the environment, building, residents and time.

In the house, placing certain objects in certain places can bring about positive canges like helping to promote harmonious relationship, good health and prosperity.

Yap said those who took feng shui seriously must study the environment or locality of the area in which they were planning to buy their property in order to get the best chi.

“This is where the mountains or the water beds in the area come into play to determine the direction the house should be facing,” he added.

Yap conducts seminars and field studies for students from all over the world to introduce them to the world of feng shui.

Recently, more than 40 students from 17 countries attended a seven-day Feng Shui Mastery Series Module 4 course to study the effects of feng shui in several locations like Mid Valley Megamall and Genting Highlands.

According to Yap, these foreign students were exposed to the chi of each property in these areas so that they could understand why these properties were doing well commercially.

And what do students like Austrian Gunter Werkl, Souht African Diane Grobler and Briton Jayne Goodrick gain from these seminars and field trips.

“We have feng shui courses conducted in Vienna. But certain courses are specific only to certain areas because of the geographical locations. I wanted to study a complete course, “ said Werkl.

Goodrick said she travelled around the world to attend seminars and modules in different regions.

“This teaches me feng shui based on environmental features of a given locality,” she said.

As for Grobler, she said she had been studying feng shui for the past six years and planned to apply what she learnt to bring about good chi in her home.

Yap said it was important to change one's luck with the available sources rather than creating man-made sources.

“This is called land-form feng shui, which is making do with the sources already in place,” he said.


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