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Today, I think all of us thought that we were going to find perfect examples of Feng Shui and we were going to see how the Chinese master Feng Shui and we were going to learn about this and what we are learning is that masters or supposed masters can make mistakes. We have a saying in Mexico – I am a Mexican and I am not a mariachi (the singers with the big sombreros) so being a Chinese does not mean that you are going to be an automatic Feng Shui master. Joey said it clearly – these sites that we have been visiting were here before these formulas were invented so we have to go back to the time when this places were built and we see that – try to understand why they did it that way and what they did wrong.

Bruno Koppel, Mexico

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Facing The Future
Source : The Star
Date : 5 Sep 2010
by Tee Lin Say

At FemmeCity, a business writer became a face reader for three days. Here's her personal account.

To do well in life, one has to understand how people operate. Even in financial markets, buyers and sellers are made up of different sorts of people, all experiencing different emotions at the same time.

Learning face reading from feng shui consultant and destiny analyst Joey Yap has been life changing. Since being introduced to this Chinese Metaphysics over a year ago, my understanding of people has improved tremendously.

I can make better guesstimates on who to trust, who is simply boasting and who is a good bet.

On a less important note, as face reading is part of physiognomy, one better understand the art of seduction and well, how to make someone fall in love with you!

Nearly everybody who knows me, knows my passion for face reading. I've read nearly all the faces of my family, friends, associates and colleagues.

Many times too, I get invited out by corporate figures and people in the financial sector, because of my face reading skills.

And 99 % of the time, they tell me my reading is not only accurate but very funny.

So when I was assigned as a face reader for Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics booth during FemmeCity, I wasn't at all scared.

After all, an important step in being a great face reader is to train oneself to read as many faces as possible. And boy, I got more than I bargained for.

I certainly did not expect such a massive turnout. While I knew I would be busy, I did not anticipate such overwhelming response. All my slots were taken up before 1pm everyday and we had to turn many people away.

It was gruelling three days and I had to read the faces of 80 people, back-to-back. And I bore witness to an entire spectrum of emotions.

I had clients crying as I touched their raw nerves. I correctly predicted a sibling's fallout, confirmed an infidelity and discovered a hostile relationship with a parent, among others.

A woman even revealed she had undergone plastic surgery after I told her she had issues with old age. And of course, relationship issues were very common among women.

I met many ladies who were having horrible relationships with their spouses and boyfriends, yet stayed on.

In one case, there was an attractive lady who continued to be with her fiance although she had caught him cheating on her. When I asked her why, she said it was because she did not have money to buy her own property.

Then there was this guy with dull features and sunken eyes. I could tell immediately that this was a person with poor career luck because he has weak eyebrows, a small and thin mouth and cheeks that did not support his nose.

When I prodded him, he told me that he had been going nowhere with his current job.

While I could not go into great detail because of time constraints, I did try my best to assist all faces I read.

It is important to note that when a person is on a right path, only does his face "qi" glow and his features become favorable.

What is the point of telling a person "You are going to be poor and there is nothing you can do about it?"

In the school of Joey Yap, we know that when we change the heart and do what we do best, then good fortune and success follows.

Feng Shui Expert Joey Yap is the founder and principal of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. StarBiz writer Tee Lin Say is Yap's Student of face reading.

Click here to view the review in full.

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