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Thank you for your great course. It is worth the trip all the way from Tokyo. I really enjoyed it. Hope I can meet with you soon and I can possibly set up a branch of your institution in Japan one day. See you soon!

Hisashi Nagase, Japan

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School of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a form of classical Chinese metaphysics that has existed for centuries. Both a science and an art, Feng Shui taps into the cosmic energies of Qi to appraise a person's life through observation and analysis of the surrounding environment.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, students at the School will be exposed to the rigorous investigation, interpretation, and practical application of fundamental theories and principles that take into account modern living needs.

Learn how to harness Qi and harmonize the forces of life and the environment through the study and practice of authentic Feng Shui.


What is it?

The Feng Shui Mastery Series comprises Feng Shui Mastery: Qi Mapping, Feng Shui Mastery: Mastering Your Environment, Feng Shui Mastery Series Module 3 and Feng Shui Mastery Series Module 4. It is a foundation program that introduces students to the theories, principles, analyses, and interpretations of classical Feng Shui.

It is a thorough, comprehensive program that covers important theories from various classical Feng Shui systems including Ba Zhai, San Yuan, San He, and Xuan Kong.

How can it be used?

Upon completion of Feng Shui Mastery: Qi Mapping, Feng Shui Mastery: Mastering Your Environment, students may choose to undertake the Xuan Kong Mastery Series, or the Ba Zhai Mastery Series.

Upon completion of Feng Shui Mastery: Qi Mapping, Feng Shui Mastery: Mastering Your Environment and Feng Shui Mastery Series Module 3, students may choose to further their knowledge and skills with the San He Mastery Series.

Students may also choose to complement their Feng Shui studies with cross-disciplinary knowledge gleaned from the understanding and application of BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny Astrology) from the School of Astrology.


 Feng Shui Mastery: Qi Mapping
 Feng Shui Mastery: Mastering Your Environment
 Feng Shui Mastery Series Module 3
 Feng Shui Mastery Series Module 4

Feng Shui Mastery Online Series™ Lesson Based Learning
HomeStudy Courses

What is it?

The Feng Shui for Life course is a specially-designed 5-day program for beginners and casual Feng Shui enthusiasts. It incorporates comprehensive, authentic Feng Shui principles and techniques condensed into an easy-to-follow workshop.

How is it different?

The course provides simple, step-by-step solutions and applications with personalised walkthroughs and minimal technical jargon. Coaching throughout the entire workshop is based upon participants' own floor plans, birth charts, and experiences, which will be used as case studies. Practical solutions for immediate use will be the goal of the program - enabling students who are completely new to Feng Shui to grasp the key concepts and use it accordingly.


 Feng Shui for Life Course Program


What is it?

The Feng Shui Mastery Excursion Series is an educational program designed to expose students to practical application. It enables students to experience actual, real-life examples of classical Feng Shui.

What makes it unique?

The Excursion Series consists of field trips and study tours to China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Students will observe the historical application of classical Feng Shui in actual, physical sites and landscapes and gain a richer, more thorough understanding of the theories and applications of Feng Shui in both its historical and modern contexts.

Visit the Site Visit the Site Visit the Site


What is it?

Xuan Kong (pronounced "Shu-en Kong") is the "mother" of the renowned Flying Stars Feng Shui system. It is a sophisticated branch of Feng Shui replete with many techniques and formulae, enabling practitioners to evaluate Feng Shui on a more thorough and in-depth basis.

The study of Xuan Kong encompasses numerology, symbology and science of the Ba Gua along with the mathematics of time. Xuan Kong Feng Shui is widely practiced by leading Feng Shui masters in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

What are its origins?

"Xuan Kong' carries many meanings and interpretations. It has no definitive English translation, and so has been variously referred to as "Mysterious and Void" or "Mysterious Subtleties" or "Time and Space Dimension" Feng Shui.

In the definitive Feng Shui text by Master Shen Ju Reng (Qing Dynasty), Xuan was said to represent "One" while Kong represents "Nine". Xuan Kong therefore represents the interaction and relationship between One and Nine; hence, the Nine Flying Stars.

Xuan can also represent "Heaven", while Kong represents "Earth". Thus, Xuan Kong symbolizes the interaction of forces between Heaven and Earth. Furthermore, as Heaven stands for Yang, and Earth stands for Yin, Xuan Kong represents the interaction of Yin and Yang within the living universe.


 Xuan Kong Mastery Series Module 1
 Xuan Kong Mastery Series Module 2 A
 Xuan Kong Mastery Series Module 2 B

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