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This is my second time attending this course. It is more useful this time than the last because I do not concentrate on the technical details anymore but on the content. Thank you.

Vladimir Zakharov, Russian Federation

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The Secret Behind The Supermodel's Serenity
Source : Property Buyer
Date : 1 Sep 2010

A sneak peak into Amber's luxurious home
One woman made international headlines when she was personally handpicked and crowned the winner of the "Guess? Timeless Beauty International Model Search" in 2004.

Since then, she has become highly sought after across Malaysia's modeling scene. Who would've thought that supermodel Amber Chia, gifted with distinct looks and a charming personality is just an ordinary girl with small town roots?

On Amber
When asked about her childhood, Amber Chia was only too happy to divulge. True to her humble beginnings, she said, "I was born in 1981 in Ipoh but my family moved to Sabah when I was seven. Believe it or not, I spent most of my childhood growing up in a small fishing village. Thus, I studied mostly in Sabah and finally graduated in Tawau with an LCCI in accounting."

"After graduating, I took a huge leap of faith and moved to Kuala Lumpur. That was about 12 years ago, and that was when I starting pursuing a modeling career. I was only 17! Young, and with a barely a hundred ringgit in my pocket," she added.

Of course, with such defining features (Amber is most well known for her pouty lips), what she didn't know was that the road to success for her was already paved and her modeling career was almost ready for take-off! All that was needed was the extra mile of a push and maybe a shove of hard work to get there.

And boy, did that happen in a flash!

Amber Chia 's first big break came in 2004, merely a few years after moving to Kuala Lumpur, when she won the "Guess?" model title which propelled her stardom as she was featured all over the world.

On Her Current Home
One would think she lives lavishly in an enormous home somewhere in the heart of the city amidst all the metropolitan hustle and bustle. We were surprised to find out that the truth was a complete contradiction of that very perception.

Amber Chia currently lives in a 6000 square foot double-storey bungalow link home (by renowned property developer UOA Holdings Sdn Bhd) in Taman Hamilton, Old Klang Road.

"I moved here about two years ago prior to my marriage. Before this, I stayed in a 1200 square foot condo near Pearl Point. However, as my career advanced, it was becoming too small to accommodate all my belongings. So I told myself that I definitely needed a bigger house! Hence my decision to invest on a bigger home, one that can house all my clothes, shoes, and bags as well as prepare me for if and when great success form humble beginnings. I decided to start a family of my own," she said.

It was definitely a splurge on Amber's end as the bungalow like home came with a hefty price tag of RM1.92 million. Such an expensive home must have had a lot of appeal!

"Well, firstly, the location is very central as I travel a lot when I work. Convenience was high on my priority list and there are so many highways that link directly into and out of the area. I was sold! Secondly, was the overall design of the house. Drawing from a lot of inspirations that I've gathered over the years of staying hotels and from the many events I've attended, it has been done in a very evergreen yet classic, modern mood.

"Fix Interior was the main consultant for the interior design of the house, but a little interior designing also stemmed from my Feng Shui consultant, Joey Yap. We're talking right down to the mood lighting, finishing, and even the furniture. A lot of thought was put into it, just the way I wanted it to be," she added with a proud smile.

On Her Investments/ Future Investments/ Plans
That was not all. Amber continues to amaze us when she lets on her other investments aside from her current home.

"You know, we're never really satisfied with what we have and we always strive to own or do something bigger and better! I can relate with that notion as I currently own a double-storey shoplot in Waterfront, Ampang. I also used too own a condominium unit in Northpoint, Midvalley, but have recently sold it off. And no, I don't think I will be selling the shoplot anytime soon because landed property is always good investment," she explained.

Amber goes on to add," I have plans to buy another house for my parents who are still currently in Tawau, Sabah. I'm looking for one near where I live as I like being close to family, always!"

On Her Dream Home
"This is already my dream home. It's exactly the way I wanted it!"

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