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Informative & Useful! Great Course.

Chris Len Soo Chin , Malaysia

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Joey Yap: Soil quality in Feng Shui
Source : Star Property
Date : 11 May 2010

Did you know that the colour of soil can tell us a lot about a particular land in Classical Feng Shui? Dig a few feet into the ground past the top soil and observe the colour as well as quality of the soil. A good land is normally soft and loamy. That is a sign that the land is filled with positive Qi. On the other hand, if the soil consists mostly of rocks and pebbles, then that land does not circulate positive Qi. Why is that so?

Rocky lands indicate that the wind velocity is high in that area. Remember the Feng Shui description that 'Qi is dispersed by the wind, and gathers at the boundaries of water'? If you think about it, windy areas mean that there are not many (or any) hills nearby to pacify or 'protect' the area. Hence, Qi cannot gather. Secondly, we all know that hills and mountains are natural generators of Qi to its vicinity. Without these natural features, the quality of Qi is also meager. So if you are in an area that does not boast lush hills, what do you look for? As Qi gathers near water – look for natural water like lakes and streams. These are indicative of lower ground where Qi will coagulate. That being said, you do not want your land to be mushy and constantly water-soaked. This is indicative that the Qi is stagnant in that area – a good land is one that has natural waterways that allow Qi to circulate and flow.

Green soil (Wood element)
Now, if your vicinity has a mountain or two, and you want to know what kind of energetic effect they have – the colour of the soil can tell you this. For starters, if the natural soil is green in color (like jade) then this area is governed by the Wood element. Wood Qi prolongs life, sustains good health, and is known to bring nobility and good name to the people in that area. As Wood also represents growth, people living in this area will become more sentimental and benevolent in nature. Any professions that require a good name like writers and celebrities, benefit most from Wood Qi areas.

Yellowish (Earth element) and pale (Metal element) soil
When the colour of the soil is yellowish (not orange), then the area is governed by the Earth-element star. In the study of the Five Phases of Qi (or Five Elements), Earth represents stability and wealth-creation. Hence, you will often find that many banks thrive in these areas. Bankers and all types of business people normally benefit from Earth-element Qi. Metal element, on the other hand, is the colour of pale white. Since Metal represents power and authority, you will find that Metal-element lands are best-suited for politicians or CEO's or people in the military force.

Lands which belong to the elements of Wood, Earth, and Metal are considered superior in Classical Feng Shui. These are normally sought-after for their positive effects on the occupants.

Black soil (Water element)
Water-element Qi is present when the soil is black in colour. While Water does govern intelligence, it also governs movement and leisurely pleasures. Such areas normally become well-known tourist sites! In other cases, the occupants tend to travel away from Water-element lands to seek opportunities elsewhere. Water also governs instability.

Red and purple soil (Fire element)
Fire element, on the other hand, is present in red and purple-coloured soil. While Fire represents passion, its intensity sometimes causes people to become over-bearing in character. These areas are best suited for religious or spiritual establishments.

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