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A highly beneficial course for anyone serious in BaZi. Joey, you are the BEST! Thank you so much.

Cheryl Lim Lee Ann, Singapore

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Joey Yap: Feng Shui for the bedroom
Source : Star Property
Date : 11 May 2010

The idea behind having a bedroom with optimal Feng Shui is fairly simple. Instead of active Yang, we need to consider the receptive Yin. Bedrooms should be slightly more Yin than Yang. Why is that so? This is because wealth pursuits (Yang) require activity and creative power, whereas health and longevity (Yin) rely on stability and recuperation. Hence, the condition of your main door, a Yang feature, governs your wealth aspects. The condition of your bedroom, a Yin feature, governs health and relationships.

Doors, windows and sunlight
A bedroom with too many doors or windows is undesirable. Multiple openings mean multiple movement, resulting in a pre-dominantly Yang condition. Lack of Yin means insufficient rest. This also applies to bedrooms with too much sunlight - a source of Yang Qi. In most Feng Shui cases, ample sunlight is important, but too much sunlight is not required in the bedroom.

Outside the bedroom
A good bedroom is one that calms and allows rest to occur. Externally, having a mountain view is also favourable. Mountains and hills are natural Yin features that lend stability to the room and its occupants. What we do not want to see outside the bedroom are pylons, highways (overly Yang), rivers (a natural Yang feature), dead trees, lamp poles and other merciless features. If you have these outside your bedroom, block the view with thick curtains. Keep the windows closed at most times, so as to not receive the (negative) Qi from this direction.

Position of bedhead
While you do not have to worry too much about the colour of your curtains or sheets, you do have to ensure that your bed is properly placed. Always, the head of the bed needs to be placed against a solid flat wall. This is the stability (Yin) factor that supports the bed. What you should not do is to place your bed in an angled position - even if it faces one of your favorable directions. Even at advanced levels of Feng Shui practice, observing physical forms always supersede formula. Hence, having your bedhead situated at a sharp 90-degree angle where two walls meet is, in fact, placing your head at a point of volatile Qi. Good health and relationships will be hard to sustain.

There should not be any beams running above your bed as well. This is especially detrimental if the ceiling beam is right above the head of the bed. Install a "false" ceiling to allow Qi to flow smoothly around the room (Yes, Qi flows upward as well!). Additionally, ensure that the bedroom's door is not directly aligned to the bed. This means that the door should not 'open directly' towards the bed. In such cases, Qi that flows into the room spears directly onto the bed (force of Yang).

Last but not least, colours do not play a significant role in Feng Shui. However, painting your room entirely blue and black, for example, may be a case of being extremely Yin.

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