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Very good and interesting. Informative.

Candice Lai May Leng , Malaysia

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The Ultimate Feng Shui Experience
Source : BONUS Magazine
Date : 7 Oct 2010
by Anya Debnam


Excurtions to China and Tibet with Joey Yap

Running since 2004, the China Excursion Series this time offers an all-new program that will take you to locations of the RICH, FAMOUS AND POWERFUL!! That's not all; the cradle of Tibetan spirituality is included as well!

So, be sure to keep 20 to 31 October 2010 free for Joey Yap, your personal Feng Shui guide, Master Trainer and mentor on this awe-inspiring trip. Don't miss out on this extraordinary and powerful learning experience of your lifetime!

The Feng Shui Mastery Excursion Series to China and Tibet 2010 is the ultimate program for the study and application of Luan Tou Feng Shui, which is a critical aspect of any Feng Shui student's journey towards greater understanding of Feng Shui.

No other Feng Shui program gives you an unparalleled opportunity to traverse the length, breadth and height of any destination and gain such profound information on Landform, combined with historical annotations, that reflects how Feng Shui shapes the future of those living there.

"I came to China to learn forms. What I learnt was Feng Shui. Real Feng Shui! It has been awesome, awe-inspiring, and humbling. I have never, ever had my eyes opened before. How could I when I didn't know what to see? Now I have seen through the eyes and guidance of my Master. I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am now going home with different eyes. To look at my land properly! Many, many thanks." Jayne Goodrick, United Kingdom

"Outstanding! I expected an exceptional course but this exceeded my expectations." Diane Grobler, South Africa

"Joey, You have made this trip a journey to remember. . I am so proud to be a student of Mastery Academy. All of the accommodations, especially the food were fantastic. Thank you for making my first trip to China so exciting and memorable. I look forward to more studies with you." Jeannie Banta, U.S.A.

"The ancient saying: 'to journey a thousand miles is better than to read ten thousand books' is not wrong as I had truly experienced it. Thank you" Christopher Yeo

"I learnt on this fantastic journey to see how important the environment is. I learned how to understand the environment and mountains in its forms and shapes. And flatland as dragons. And a lot of other things. I thank you for the great chance to join you and to learn from you." Ingrid Huse, Germany

"This was absolutely outstanding! The work you have put into the preparation of this course is very evident and know we have had an experience very few are lucky enough to have. You have a way of making us understand just how little we know in such a good way. Thank you for all that was learnt. Keep up the passion!" Di Grobler

Upcoming excurtions:

Excursion 1 - 20-26 October: China

Excursion 2 - 29-31 October: Tibet

Meeting in Beijing Airport, all internal transfers and accommodations are included.

Excursions are provided in English. Some knowledge of Feng Shui is recommended. Please, contact Mastery Academy for more information:

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tel. +603 2284 8080

For past China Excursion Coverage, log on to

Click here to view the review in full.

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