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I am really glad that I have chosen to participate in your Feng Shui Mastery Series (M1& M2). I have learnt a lot from your teachings. Thank you. I am looking forward to practicing feng shui and be really good at it.

Farinah Tyrwhitt, Malaysia

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M'sia Mastery Academy founder Joey Yap unleashes the inner power of women
Source : Whats On Xiamen
Date : 6 Jul 2010

Confidence alone does not make a women attractive.

It is having mojo and having achievement that makes a woman attractive. These are the Yin aspects.

"When you have these, only then can you fulfil the Yang aspect, which is to garner the respect and admiration of others. This will only come after accomplishing the Yin part," said Mastery Academy founder and managing director, Joey Yap.

In a rare opportunity, members of the public will be able to listen to fengshui expert and destiny analyst, Yap speak for free during The Star's FemmeCity on July 31 and Aug 1.

Yap will be speaking on the issues of women, career and relationships.

"Many times you ask women: ‘Who are you?' and they cannot answer. Many women don't know what they want," said Yap.

He added that while all women can cook, the best cooks were still men. Why is this so?

"It is usually an issue of focus. Men tend to be able to focus better, while women being Yin, tend to have many interests and not zero in on one particular skill," he said.

Yap also said people were lazy because they are aimless.

"When you have an aim, you will automatically be spending time and putting effort on that particular interest," he said.

During FemmeCity, Yap's students will also be offering Face Reading and BaZi readings.

For a token fee of RM15, members of the public can have their faces and destiny read. Mastery Academy instructor Jessie Lee will be present to provide guidance.

Notably for face reading, Yap's student Tee Lin Say will be providing the consultations. Yap and Tee have been jointly writing face reading articles in StarMag over the past one month.

Said Tee: "Your face comes from your heart. You can judge a book by its cover. If you look like a toxic person, you are toxic."

She added that learning face reading from Yap has been life changing.

"Joey is the best. He has given me such power with his face reading knowledge. I know better if a person is really in good fortune, or just showing off," said Tee.

Meanwhile, contrary to what most feel, Yap feels there is nothing wrong with women using their looks to climb the corporate ladder or get their way.

"To women with good looks, I say congratulations, you have won the first battle. Now make sure you have the content to back it up," said Yap.

"Whether we want to admit it or not, looks are very important. Nobody can see how intelligent you are. People treat you better if you look better," he summed up.

Organised by Clove, The Star's monthly women's pullout, FemmeCity will be held at the KLCC Convention Centre from July 30 to Aug 1.

FemmeCity's uniqueness is its concept, which is to reflect an actual living, breathing city. It is open from 11am to 7pm. Admission is free.

Click here to view the review in full.

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