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This class is excellent. The information and sources are unlimited given by Joey Yap. Definitely a worth paying.

Claudine Tong Yuet Wan, Malaysia

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Q & A Joey Yap Mastery Academy on career profiling
Source : Human Resources
Date : 15 Oct 2010
by Lee Xieli

Q : What is Bazi Career profiling?

A: Bazi Profiling - because it focuses on personality attributes derived from a person's date and time of birth - can help the company find the right person for the right job. It is extracted from certain portions of Chinese astrology that deals primarily with personality. Chinese Astrology is a system that has been practiced for more than 2000 years.

Q : What is the biggest myth about Chinese astrology?

A : Most at people look at Chinese astrology as the 12 animal signs such as if you are born in the Year of Tiger, you will be brave. That is a myth because these animal signs have no personality traits at all. Most also think Chinese astrology and Feng Shui are the same, but Feng Shui relates to real estate or physical environment, not a person's character.

Q : Is Bazi same as psychometric tests?

A : Psychometric tests require you to answer a series of questions that might take up to 40minutes. If a candidate has been tested frequently, they can somehow manipulate answers. Behavioral interviews ( that can take up to two to three hours ) require you to answer questions and your answers will be matched against data. Test such as Myers Briggs are also based on empirical results to prove their accuracy and usefulness. Yet the outcome is the same as Bazi profiling. But Bazi does not require active participation from the candidate. All it needs is the candidate's date and time of birth.

Q: Does that mean two people who are born at the same time and the same day will have similar personalities?

A: They would, but would not be completely similar because profiling only assesses your character or behaviours and how a person would behave under certain conditions or the circumstance that would allow the person to perform at his peak. Chinese astrology can not predict the decisions you make during circumstances. A person can be born on the same day and time as someone else, but yet perform differently at work because in Bazi, we have both healthy and unhealthy levels. The person would show more positive traits in a healthy state of mind and negative behaviours at negative level.

Q: Why would understanding these personality profiles help employers ?

A : A person who is an "artist " ( A Bazi personality category ), focuses on innovation and the quality of work, instead of financial aspect, so they are suited to creative roles. IF you put them in a financial role, they would find it difficult to look at details. If you have a business idea, you would want to hire the "diplomat" of "friend" profiles who exceeds in executing projects.
People belonging to "supporter" profile never question you because they follow rules.
People under the "analysis" are skeptical all the time and always asking why. They would be good researchers.

Q: How will Bazi Profiling help hiring managers identify the perfect candidate?

A: Besides looking at the candidate's qualification or sousing their weakness during interviews, hiring a manager can identify a candidate's inborn strengths and weaknesses and match him or her to the right job.
While nothing in this world is accurate. Bazi profiling can asses a person's personality with up to 85% to 90% of accuracy or up to 70% accuracy without the hour of birth.
This information can simplify the hiring process.

Q: What's another advantage of Bazi Profiling?

A: Bazi Profiling can even help you to stealth mode.
You can find out how a person would perform at work or under pressure and which roles would be suitable for him without him knowing you're conducting a behavourial check on him.

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