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Thank you very much for your valuable knowledge of classical Feng Shui. I am not going to be a professional consulting master but will use this knowledge for my own life as well as my families. I will definitely continue with Module 4. Many thanks.

Theerasak Wongsajja, Thailand

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Sherwin Ng, senior consultant of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics
Source : New Sunday Times
Date : 23 Jan 2011

It will be a year of scandals. Divorce rates will go up, so I believe divorce lawyers will be very busy.

There will be more gynaecological problems, especially for those born in the year of the Rooster and Tiger.

Those born in the hour of the Rooster (between 5pm and 6.59pm) will experience fertility issues, whether male or female. Sexually-transmitted diseases will be more prevalent this year.

Water will be the most important and needed element for the year, hence shipping, transport, tourism, sanitation, and businesses involving leisure will continue to do well.

Intellectual properties, research and creative inventions will also take centre stage.

Fire is also going to be strong, especially in the second half of this year, so industries like oil and gas. entertainment. IT and broadcasting, metaphysics and spirituality, beauty and cosmetics, will be fairly stable.

The wedding industry will see more fluctuations than in previous years, as it will be an emotionally volatile year. Wood industries will be vibrant although there may be various new regulations to disturb their progress.

Such industries include new properly development, education, journalism, textile, and fashion design.

Earth, which represents the existing properly market, is not going to be as strong as expected.

Metal is a weaker element this year, so industries like finance and banking will be maintaining its status quo until year end. There will be more internal competition and lack of cooperation.

There is going to be more betrayals, possibly more parly-hopping.

There will be a lot of sudden turn of events. More than ever, politicians should be extra wary of whom they call friends.

Natural Disasters
The spate of natural disasters will continue, but the effects will be less dramatic. Perhaps, we can say that people would be less surprised. There is likelv to be more earth-re-laled events compared with water-re-lated disasters.

Feng Shui
Avoid renovating, drilling or nailing anything in the eastern sector of your premises this year as the annual Flying Star chart indicates that the ominous "Five Yellow Star" will be in the east and any such activity will activate the negative cfti of this star.

If activated, there will he accidents or critical injuries and illnesses that can he fatal. Those born in the year of the Hoar. Rooster and Tiger should especially avoid using the eastern sector bedroom or main door.

If it is unavoidable, compensate by spending more time in the positive sectors, like the southeast or northwest (where the Wealth Star is located) of your premises, or having a water feature in the southeast.

Exceptional zodiacs
Those born in the year of the Dog and Hat are in for a treat this year as the two most powerful stars in Chinese astrology is in the Dog palace this year the "Emperor" and the "Dragon Virtue" stars.

The Rat, meanwhile, is meeting the "Heavenly Virtue" and "Prosperity" stars. Hence, those born in the year of the Dog and Rat will do exceptionally well in their careers.

This also applies to those born in the month of the Dog (Oct 8 - Nov 7) and Rat (Dec 7 - Jan 51; help will be offered to you to boost your career and up your game, so just accept it graciously.

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