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Congratulations on your pleasant and patient manner and the no-less than brilliant way you have taken a must complex study and presented it in a fun and enjoyable way that we can understand and use to enrich our lives.

All the best.

Marianne Reilly, Australia

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Joey Yap shares secrets to finding opportunities in 2011
Source : Star Property
Date : 21 Jan 2011

Did you know that authentic Feng Shui could be applied in your homes to create an opportunity for more wealth to trickle in? These are difficult times and people are struggling to make ends meet. Everyone's looking for a safe and effective method to improve their lives, without resorting to expensive gadgets or tricks. Joey Yap will show how Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology are powerful tools that can be used to discover individual capabilities, and translate dreams into actual goals.

The 'Feng Shui and Astrology 2011: Empowering Your Destiny' seminar will take place on 23 January 2011 at KLCC Convention Center between 10am and 5pm. Those who attend will learn classical Feng Shui techniques that they can apply to their homes and offices in order to improve their quality of life, enhance family and working relationships and create opportunities to increase and maintain wealth.

The 'BaZi' system of Chinese Astrology will help you decipher your destiny and steer its course. During this seminar, Yap will demonstrate how you can use it to analyse your character, realise your hidden talents and distinguish the different periods in your life where health, wealth, relationship and career potentials may be more prominent than in others. You will only need your date of birth to unlock this valuable wealth of information. His recent BaZi books on the 10 individual Day Masters, the BaZi Essentials Series, are quick and informative bites of easy-to-understand and readily-applicable BaZi.

One of the key highlights of the seminar is the Face Reading segment. Face Reading is an intriguing art based on the study of facial features and one of Joey's specialties. Yap's recent books on the Face Reading Essentials, complements his courses taught all over the world, and his approach allows you to derive useful information from a person's facial feature. For example, you can learn a lot about a person's sense of integrity and honesty by observing the shape of his nose. Or discover how someone with full lips and big eyes is likely to be more nurturing with children.

Yap will show you how simple it is to apply all of these techniques in your daily life, eliminating any confusion and making it applicable to anyone from real estate agents and insurance salespersons to even stockbrokers. Face Reading skills allows you to have the upper hand in knowing more about a person, even after meeting him or her for the first time. It's exactly the skill you need to make swift assessments when you're crunched for time.

The study of Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Physiognomy (Face Reading) is misunderstood in modern times due to a lack of professional education on those subjects. It's not mystical or supernatural; it is simply a combination of science and art. Yap's approach, derived from classical sources, is practical and grounded for modern living and can be easily-adapted and incorporated by individuals or multi-national companies from around the world.

Yap is the Founder and Master Trainer of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, a leading global organisation devoted to the teaching of Chinese Metaphysics subjects. He is also the Chief Consultant of Yap Global Consulting, an international consulting firm specialising in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology services and audits.

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