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Very logical knowledge shared and transferred. Logical interpretation. Master Joey Yap has achieved my basic requirements and built greater interest for me to continue learning BaZi. Thank you very much, Master Joey. You really captured my attention and I learnt a lot through your logical teachings and interpretation.

Ivy Chang Hwee Hoon , Singapore

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Author says face is road map for the future
Source :
Date : 3 Feb 2011
by Nadine Kam

Those curious about their opportunities for wealth, love, health and happiness in the Year of the Rabbit may be surprised to know their fortunes staring at them in a mirror.

A fascinating new book, "Mian Xiang: Discover Face Reading," by Joey Yap, details the significance of every line and mole on a person's face. According to Emily Ng, owner of Dragon Gate Bookstore, the book offers the most detailed information available in English translation.

Just as acupuncturists take note of key points on the human body, those trained in the art of Chinese face reading work with a 100-point map of the human face. Each point corresponds to a year of life.

General tendencies are reflected in the shape of one's face, with five types representing elements of wood (triangular with pointy chin), metal (oval), water (round), earth (broad and rocklike), and fire (broad center with tapering forehead).

The metal face signifies strength and authority, while the water face is that of the entrepreneur. The earth face is practical, the wood face is that of the thinker and the fire face is that of the entertainer or media personality, drawn to bright lights.

If wealth is your aim but you can never save, just look to your nose, deemed the "wealth palace." While an upturned nose may be considered cute in Western eyes, nostrils visible from a head-on glance indicate a leaking wealth palace.

A woman's nose is also her "husband star," because her nose reflects on him. The ideal nose is fleshy with a high bridge, attached to someone who may not be particularly beautiful. A small nose is the mark of a mistress or second wife.

Interestingly enough, Yap is not averse to changing your fortune by changing your face, in moderation. After all, the way people judge your appearance is the biggest influence of your fortune.

Click here to view the review in full.

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