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Joey is a great teacher, lots of information and rich in knowledge. Thank you for passing your precious knowledge to us. I really enjoyed the class.

Diamanda Tyna Huynh, Canada

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Feng Shui master shows how to enhance fortune
Source : Borneo Post
Date : 21 Feb 2011

KUCHING: Feng Shui master Joey Yap believes that one's good fortune is the combination of preparation and opportunity.

"Preparation is how you understand yourself to make use of your talents while opportunity is to anticipate what is coming," explained Yap yesterday.

Presenting a seminar titled "Feng Shui + Astrology 2011: In The Year of Metal Rabbit" at a hotel here, Yap said feng shui was an environmental science that taught people techniques to enhance their ability based on the existing environment.

He said Classical Feng Shui did not encourage its followers to place so-called auspicious or lucky items at their premises which they believed would improve their fortunes.

"Life is a matter of choices. Every choice you make, makes you," said the bestselling author of books on feng shui, chinese astrology, face reading and yi jing.

He said BaZi (Chinese Astrology) was a proven system to ind out one's best direction, an essential step to help realize their opportunities.

BaZi is the personal blueprint to help one to unleash their obvious and hidden personalities, characteristics, talents, strengths and tendencies that can lead them towards the suitable path of least resistance to the success and happiness, he added.

Yap also talked about face reading in the text context of yearly outlook apart from the rudiments of date selection.

Yap is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, a global organization devoted to the teaching of feng shui, face reading and other Chinese Metaphysics subjects.

Kuching was the seventh stop for the world tour's seminar since November 2010. His next three stops would be in Penang, Torronto and San Francisco. For more information about Yap's teaching, log on to,, or

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