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Very well-presented – interesting.

Alison Tay Lee Yien, Singapore

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Joey Yap: Missing Sectors (Part 1)
Source : Star Property
Date : 5 Oct 2010

Most Feng Shui enthusiasts have heard of the term 'missing sector', but what does it actually mean? Look at the floor plan of your house. Superimpose an imaginary three-by-three grid onto the entire plan and examine if each sector if fairly proportionate to one another. This is called the '9 Palace Grids' of your house. Each sector, if you use a compass, has a different significance to each family member.

Are there any sectors that are significantly less or missing, compared to the rest of the house? Imagine an L-shaped or T-shaped house. These have missing sectors. Generally, a square or rectangular shaped house would not have any missing sectors. Stand at the approximate center of your house and measure with a compass. Are there any sectors than seem less than others? For example, if the North portion of the house is significantly smaller or sunken, then the middle son of the family is affected. He might feel less comfortable being in the house. Or in severe cases, his health would constantly be an issue.

The Northwest sector of the house affects the father, or oldest male, in the household. The mother, or oldest female in the family, is governed by the Southwest sector. The eldest son is governed by the East sector of the house, while the youngest son belongs to the Northeast sector. Any structural flaw in the Northeast, for example, would affect the well-being of the youngest son, or male children below age seven.

The eldest daughter of the family is governed by the Southeast sector, while the youngest daughter is affected by the West sector of the house. The middle daughter is governed to the South sector. If there are no female children in the family, however, then it is less detrimental for the Southeast or West sectors to be missing. Two crucial sectors are the North and South sectors - the North governs intelligence, while the South governs happiness – best not to have these sectors missing!

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