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Dear Joey

The things learnt with you were quite interesting. Now, it’s our turn, to practice – thanks a lot and see you in Module 3.

Marco Pugliese, Italy

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Joey Yap: Dispel Your Feng Shui Paranoia
Source : Star Property
Date : 1 Mar 2011

You've learnt about the common types of environmental features in external Feng Shui that could be significant to the Qi flow of your property. This time, we'll take a look at what is not of any importance in terms of Feng Shui when evaluating property.

This is to help you avoid "Feng Shui Paranoia" when you are looking or designing your dream home. It will tell you what you should NOT bother to get all worked up about when it comes to your home or a prospective property.

Types of plants
Plants, whatever types they may be, have nothing to do with Classical Feng Shui. You can turn your home into a money plant nursery all you want but it won't bring you more wealth. It's all in the name and nothing to do with Qi.

Paintings or décor
Paintings are a form of art and expression. There are no rules on what you can have on the walls because it has nothing to do with Feng Shui. If you love Gothic art or movie posters of ‘Saw' or ‘The Omen' and want to display them in your home, by all means, go ahead. It doesn't make your home haunted. Remember: Buy inspiration, not superstition.

Colour of your roof or walls
Don't fret about the colour of your roof or walls as they have no effect on the Feng Shui of a property.

Auspicious table and door measurements
First of all, there is no such thing as "auspicious measurements" in Feng Shui - not even a "Feng Shui ruler". With that said, specific auspicious measurements and the said ruler are usually used for the tombstone or coffin for Yin House Feng Shui. Hence, property for living occupants (or Yang House) can safely ignore this.

House number
Stop now, with the phobia about numbers having Feng Shui significance to a property. You won't be cursed living in house number 14 or on the 14th floor. Remember: Feng Shui is about Qi in the environment - not your house number.

Ba Gua mirrors and Stone Lions (Fu Dogs)
A Ba Gua mirror is used in the olden days, when it was made of brass and the objective was to introduce some metal into the sector. It may have some significance in the spiritual practice fields, but not in Feng Shui (which is nothing more than a diagram indicating a mathematical model of the universe). As for the Stone Lions, they are just a Chinese decorative preference and do not generate any ‘protective Qi'.

Patio and pergola
As you do not live on the patio or sleep there at night, it is not an important consideration for Feng Shui here. Therefore, it can be located anywhere in the property. A pergola is like an outdoor gazebo commonly situated in the West. As long as the edges of the roof do not point at your Main Door, the location of the pergola is unimportant.

Garden lamp posts and chandeliers
The number of bulbs in a garden lamp post has no importance in Feng Shui. Garden lamp posts are generally not dangerous as long as they are not directly in front of any doors to your property. Crystal chandeliers, clearly, emit beautiful light and are nice to look at. But it does not emit any Qi.

I hope these tips will dispel the common misconception about what is Feng Shui and what is not when it comes to considering a property. With all these cleared up, you can Feng Shui your home the right way.

Click here to view the review in full.

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