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Every time I am in a course with you, I get hungry to learn more. Your teaching is wonderful. Thank you very much.

Bianca Esser , Germany

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Wealth & Destiny seminar by Joey Yap
Source : Star Property
Date : 5 Aug 2011

Wealth & Destiny was the theme for Joey Yap's July 2011 Seminar. The seminar was designed to provide key tools for participants to maximize their potential in the next six months before entering another New Year! It is aimed to empower participants on how they can make use of Classical Feng Shui to fulfil their life's goals in their own terms and how to take charge of their Wealth, Career and Relationship.

After the first six months of 2011, are we close to reaching our potential to achieve financial success? For most of us, just one month after January 1 every year, 74% of people would continue to keep up with their New Year resolutions. By mid-year, only 46% of them still maintained their resolutions.

Joey kicked off the seminar with Classical Feng Shui applications, Feng Shui Flying Stars and Annual Afflictions, the essentials of Feng Shui and simple techniques and tips to help participants learn to apply immediately to empower themselves for success and happiness.

The environment where people inhabit plays a great role in influencing the types of Qi that is present. Negative elements from home and the workplace would influence a person's external factors such as luck and opportunities.

The formulas and calculations of Classical Feng Shui can help to assess the potential and outcome of a person living in a certain property. As a metaphysical science, Feng Shui helps participants to easily recognize and tap into the Qi of the living environment to increase the potential of their endeavours in life.

One way to find out is to take stock what a person has done in the first six months of 2011 so far, re-assess his/her progress to "clear out" the negative elements, and to add positive wealth-attracting elements. Joey shared the positive and negative attributes of Flying Stars Feng Shui to identify the Wealth sectors at home and the workplace. The participants will understand how certain types of energy to achieve the path to wealth realization, which adds to its strength to grow their wealth.

In addition to learning how to fulfil their potential and create a fulfilling life in their own way, Joey also shared how to dislodge clogged energy in their career. The method is to determine the sectors for career advancement at home and the workplace, and help the participants to discover which Flying Stars can boost their support from bosses, gain recognition and improve their network of helpful work acquaintances.

Joey also taught his audience how to tap on the right sector to enhance existing relationships, or if they are single, increase the potential to find love by harnessing the Qi in the auspicious area of their home. For couples looking to get married or start a family, they will know which sectors to bring the happiness they seek.

A vast audience of enthusiastic people attended the seminar, all of whom were keen to discover the Feng Shui way to take charge of their destiny to ensure they are truly right on track on the least resistant path in wealth, career, relationships and happiness for a life they deserve.

Wealth & Destiny 2011 Live Seminar was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on 31st July 2011.

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