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Exactly the way a mastery course in Feng Shui should be. Concise and top level information, introduced directly.

Irene Gargatsougia , Greece

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Synergising Feng Shui with BaZi
Source : ST701 Property, Singapore
Date : 15 Sep 2011
by Lin Shuzhen

Whether you have invested in a mountain painting for your office wall, or shifted furniture to face the luckiest direction in your abode, you have attempted to do some enhancing in your life with Feng Shui.

Today, many of us want to rise above challenges to live the good life. One way to get closer to the goal is through Feng Shui and BaZi.

If Feng Shui and Bazi conjure up images of aged masters with their traditional compasses and thick-set calendars, you are not alone in making these assumptions. As I made my way down to Joey Yap's Wealth and Destiny Seminar in July, it was not without some cynicism and reservations of what these practices entail and how they can be utilised in everyday life.

A world of parallel

Joey opened the seminar with his eloquent and well thought-out introduction on BaZi. His livewire presentation went down well with the participants, replete with questions and examples.

His is a household face in Malaysia and elsewhere in the world, with an impressive portfolio that includes setting up from scratch a multi-millionaire academy, being listed as the Top 300 Most Influential People and being a regular guest on multiple international talkshows, among other equally inspiring accolades.

A self-made millionaire by the age of 26, Joey cuts a dashing figure on stage and somehow I see him as an embodiment of a world of parallel.

Here is a guy who is young and aspiring, who wears a well-cut suit (tailored perhaps) and whose body language spells a modern contemporary vibe. Yet his field of study and business is an age-old practice that is increasingly being bogged down by stereotypes and false perceptions.

In an exclusive interview after the seminar, Joey elaborated, "I have been fascinated by Feng Shui and BaZi since young. While others went for the popular accountancy and marketing arena, I took it upon myself to learn the field in depth, without the help of any one master."

Modernising the profession

His practical view of Feng Shui and BaZi led him to marry the best of both worlds – the claims of various masters and teachings of practitioners who act on what they believe in. And his biggest aim? To change the perception of Chinese Metaphysics and help modernise the profession.

This comes as no mean feat as Joey regularly meets with clients who request or demand a certain tall order. For example, a house owner wants to know if placing a water feature in a lucky corner will bring about big revenue to his business.

Joey begged to differ, "In Feng Shui, there is a misconception that it is solely a wealth creation tool. If it is so, Feng Shui masters will easily be on the Top Ten Forbes List."

"Feng Shui only helps you see clearly what your capacity in life is. If your capacity is extensive, then Feng Shui can help yield greater results and if it is limited, there is only so much Feng Shui can do for you."

"In the example, placing the water feature is a way of harnessing the Qi from our surrounding natural environment. It will only help if it is in your destiny to succeed in that particular area."

BaZi perspective

In life and more specifically real estate, there are many decisions to be made – What district to look at? What level to choose? When is a good time to buy? All these questions can be answered by getting to know what your destiny, or capacity in life holds for you.

Another field that is widely thought of as fortune-telling, Joey corrected the misconception, "BaZi is a tool that aids in understanding yourself. We gather the information from your time of birth to ascertain your strengths and limitations in life."

By knowing your true abilities, personality traits and potential through the study of your BaZi, you can set out to change your intended path.

A happy marriage

BaZi when blended with Fengshui can be your most formidable tool in enhancing your life. If you know your 'internal' aspect well (BaZi), you will be able to make better and more informed decisions. Add to that the utilisation of your external environment (Feng Shui), you will be in a most favourable position to achieve your goals.

For people who are still skeptical about the practice of Chinese astrology, Joey advised, "Be it an investor or a home buyer, it's good to have some working knowledge of both practices.

There are no hard and fast rules for you to be extremely skilled in Feng Shui or Bazi to reap benefits in property and life but it is a good starting point to help yourself and the people around you see and understand their path to success."

For more information about Joey Yap's consultancy services on Feng Shui and BaZi or his latest seminars and events, please visit his website

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