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Once again you did a fantastic job explaining the different levels applied in Feng Shui. Taking the Feng Shui M3 course helped to give me better insight into proper landform.I know you have put a lot of time and effort into the course you offer and I sincerely appreciate all you offer to us as students.

Jeannie Banta, U.S.A.

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The Science of Feng Shui
Source : BHC (Jan Issue)
Date : 1 Jan 2013

A Conversation with Joey Yap "The Science of Feng Shui"

How to apply the winning formula for your new year!

"You are responsible bringing the energy to the room." This is a quotation from Oprah Winfrey that we have on our official whiteboard that reminds us how important is it for each one of us to bring a sense of positive energy to our work place, in order to create a happier and more productive working environment.

As a non superstitious person, I underestimated the type of impact that my interview with Joey Yap, the renowned Feng Shui Consultant would have on me. The 30-minute interview was focused, objective and intense and certainly succeeded in clarifying any myth, which I may have had about the much misunderstood subject.

Joey explained the essence of energy how this can affect an individual's performance - the sort of ideas, which have been practiced and promoted by renowned high achievers such as Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey even Caesar Milan the Dog Whisperer. He even further explained the difference between internal and external energy which make up the environment, contour and people, and also relates to the idea of timing. A notion that I found to be logical, strategic and unmistakably Sun Tzu!

How does Joey Yap explain Feng Shui? Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy based on astrology and logic and is about placing yourself in the best position to be able to tap into the right type of energy that will better enable you to excel in certain aspects of your life like career, health, love and happiness. It has nothing to do with magic or the supernatural.

Joey went on to a state that over the years Feng Shui has gotten a bad reputation because certain people in the field have promoted it as a way to attain instant prosperity or quick fixes to problems. He said that this had given rise to what is known as "Pop Feng Shui" a culture that is based on selling products and superstitious beliefs.

After years of studying and translating couple of amounts of classical Feng Shui literature, Joey repeatedly emphasized that nowhere in his study has he come across the idea of being individual being able to change his or her luck by simply placing a "Feng Shui" object in a certain area of the home or office.

So what advice did Joey give to our readers who are interested in attaining prosperity during this Chinese New Year?

According to Joey, the first day of Solar New Year is on February 4th 2013, and it is at this time that the new set of stars will emerge that will govern the energy. On the other hand, the Lunar Chinese New Year will fail on February 10th 2013. What this means is that you could start tapping into this energy from as early as February 4th. It is important to note that this year the source of energy for prosperity and luck will come from the North East Quadrant of your home. If you wish to see improvements in important areas of your life, it is advisable that you utilize this section of your home more. For example you could use consider using this area as a study area, home office or for family get - togethers. For those considering starting a family or have long term goals, the South Quadrant of the home is the area that will provide the right energy for these objectives in 2013.

Notice what Joey advocates in his formula is not the end, but a means to an end. He never promised that you'd get richer simply by doing your work in the North East Quadrant of your home. He advocates for better productivity there! Like anything else, one can be very productive in doing many things, but if you focus on the wrong direction, you will not get anywhere either.

During the interview Joey recalled an incident which occurred backstage at a science conference. He was challenged by another speaker to prove the existence of Feng Shui, He humorously retorted," Can you prove the existence of the mind?" (NB. Not the brain)

There are many things in life that we can comprehend without necessarily being able to prove or disprove. The version of Feng Shui as explained by Joey seems a lot more logical and scientific to me after this short conversation than ever before.

Looks like I'd be parking Joey's classical Feng Shui book alongside my other self-help and management books for objective and productivity references.

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