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Very impressive master who knows his stuff inside out. Very knowledgeable, very willing to share his knowledge as well and very helpful at the same time. Highly recommended to attend his course, as it is enjoyable, interactive and fun at the same time. Thanks for imparting your knowledge with us.

Junice Sim Siew Joo, Singapore

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Chinese Astrology Forecast 2013: The 12 Signs of the Zodiac
Source : STProperty (Jan Issue)
Date : 29 Jan 2013
by Ashleey Leong & Adeline Kuah

Considered the world's most renowned Feng Shui & BaZi practitioner, Joey Yap held his "Feng Shui and Astrology for 2013" seminar at the right time, just as Chinese New Year is around the corner. At the event, he revealed outlooks & important updates about Feng Shui & BaZi for 2013.

With so much talk going around on Feng Shui for better health, luck and wealth, has everyone forgotten that Feng Shui is equally important when buying a property as well? It is a huge investment and hence should be thought over carefully. Having a house of his/her own is almost everyone's dream, but is this possible for everyone? Some build their own houses but are unable to enjoy it due to various reasons and some enjoy the fruits reaped by others for generations.

With the new cooling measures that have been the most drastic so far, it's definitely going to block speculations, but it's probably not going to stop massive capital inflows. Don't let these measures dampen your spirits. Equipped with a glimpse of your forecast of 2013, you now have a clearer picture of how to further ride on it, without having to commit into buying a property in a rush. With everyone having the wait and see attitude, property prices are unlikely to rise for the moment, allowing house shoppers now to have more time to find their dream home!

Always remember that the goal of Feng Shui should always be to create a harmonious, healthy and supportive environment.

Here's a glimpse of how your Zodiac Sign will juggle money this year


It would be the year for you to safeguard yourself from enticing financial prospects. Therefore, distance yourself from unreliable investments that will jeopardise your finances.

Auspicious Directions(s): South-west and West

Tips: Start the year by investing in something essential to counter any major wealth loss later in the year. Know what goes in or out with your finances. In terms of wealth expansion, it is not quite the ideal period for investing. Think twice about potential property investments.


This year, be contented with your money as there is little "gambling" luck. Do not be too greedy or zoom into an investment.

Auspicious Directions(s): North-east and North-west

Tips: Live on a tight budget! Minimise your superfluous spending circle and narrow in on safer and more stable assets.


It might seem that you are stretched in the areas of wealth. Fret not, this does not mean you are now in any sort of trouble. In fact, the worst that you will experience might even turn out to be a blessing. Looking for stable property investments? Do your due diligence first by doing extensive ground work to find good deals.

Auspicious Directions(s): South

Tips: Keep an eye on reliable investment sources and engage in detailed and careful research. It will be good to get sound advice from experts in this area before making a decision.


This year is your year, chip in more and it would come back to you.

Auspicious Directions(s): North

Tips: Lend your hand to the needy. What you have lost on assets in the past, you will definitely gain it as the saying goes, good deeds fetch rewards.


Don't be greedy! You might possibly experience some cash outflow and monetary losses. Thus, be contented with what you have.

Auspicious Directions(s): South-east

Tips: You may allow to yourself to step into selected investments but watch your step to prevent excessive cash outflows.


Focus your attention on contributing. This year money matters are better than last year. However, you may still need to watch your expenses and try not to overspend.

Auspicious Directions(s): North-east and South

Tips: You can have some investments going on but don't overdo it. Most importantly, make sure things go right.


Minimise your spending on investments and equip yourself with risk management skills.

Auspicious Directions(s): North-east

Tips: Be careful of going into investment agreements with any party, it might lead you to losses. Spend wisely in the first quarter of the year to lessen the losses which may be incurred later.


You will experience ups and downs as if you are riding on a roller coaster, but it would be a favourable year for you.

Auspicious Direction(s): North, South-east and South-west

Tips: It is advisable to save your money and build profitable assets. It will be a chaotic year; so try expanding your portfolio of property investments and don't put all your eggs in one basket.


Aim to achieve balance this year.

Auspicious Directions(s): North and West

Tips: Avoid any big ticket items/investments. Try to spend only on necessary items for the family and not luxury items.


Your wealth index by far seems to be remarkable. You need to shuffle your cards well and play them right this year. As long as you monitor what you are doing in terms of investments, this shall be a favourable year for you.

Auspicious Directions(s): South and North-west

Tips: Keep your eyes peeled to avoid venturing into dubious property investments.


Watch out! You might need to be extra careful with investments.

Auspicious Directions(s): North-west

Tips: Spend within your means.


Your wealth is awe-inspiring. Therefore, whet your mind with investment knowledge and attempt to step into the arena of investing in properties this year. Don't miss great opportunities.

Auspicious Directions(s): North, South-west and West

Tips: It would be wise to obtain additional references and concrete information from the experts before you proceed with any investments.

The year you are born in determines your character and animal sign. It is believed that each animal sign displays inherent traits that are specific to its bearer. If you want to start with a new investment / property, this may be the year to embrace the challenge. But of course, make your decisions prudently with lots of research and advice from experts in the field.

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