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Fun learning and humorous. Overall, good learning experience.

Chow Kien Yew, Malaysia
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BaZi Profiling for Business Negotiation
Source : Bizhive Weekly (Sept Issue)
Date : 30 Sep 2012
by Borneo

When most people need to grow bigger, people will look for partnerships in a form of joint-ventures or just temporary affiliates to grow. It is a point where it is hard and even impossible for a one-man-team to expand into a conglomerate.

Partnerships allow a hand-full of benefits for instance wages. In partnerships, there is no need to pay for wages from hiring staffs and assistants.

When it comes to partnership in a business, it simply means working with people for long term or short term. That is where we will consider several issues and information we need to know about the other person.

There are two aspects that we need to know about partnerships. Firstly, are they compatible with respect to working style where aptitude and attitude will complement one another? Secondly, most importantly is the competency of the particular partner.

BaZi personalities affecting the terms and conditions of partnerships

Partnerships may come in different types but will all strongly be affected by the synergetic aspect.

A person's word is also their means of trust where no contract is needed. Thus, individuals in the Bazi profile that is completely in that mentioned synergy will work much better because there is element of trust in there.

For example, take Steve Jobs' and his core team in Apple Corporation, as a result of matching BaZi profiles, the partnership saw a strong sense of trust between them.

On the other hand, when a BaZi profile does not match there will be lack in trusts and that is when contracts are needed as partners do not trust each other enough.

Not knowing well a partner while not knowing neither that person's BaZi profile makes the partnership more risky.

BaZi profiling determines the need and importance for a partnership

Generally, there is no profile that stipulates that the person does not need a partnership but the best people for partnership are called the connectors or companion which has the 'same' element as the Day Master in the BaZi.

These people are generally better in partnerships reason being that they like to social and are appealing to others.

Anyone can embark into partnerships. How should you partnership work?

It is a matter of how long and how short the partnership can be. Everyone thinks or believes themselves as trustworthy but why can't they trust one another?

Unfamiliarity and contradicting working styles often tarnish the trusts in a person. So it comes to the question of when you need the partnership. When do you need it?

Take for instance a company do not have enough finance to launch a project, then it may bring in a partner that has the financial resources. Yet again, that may have to see the matching BaZi profiles.

So, who should you partner with?

There should be two priorities; competency comes first and compatibility comes next. This is because your best friend in school does not guarantee that he or she is competent enough to be your partner.

Yet again, I take Steve Jobs as an example. He is not known to be the most compatible person out there for his character to be a strict and stern person when it comes to work. Hence not many people is compatible with him, but he is extremely competent like the best CEO in the world. Now, which is more important?

When we look a BaZi profiles, we should look if the partners are skilled and talented most importantly only then the person's character. The dilemma here is that the person we trust does not mean that person can also work.

Most partnerships fail because only one partner is doing all the work due the incompetency of the other.

Partnership is a journey

Partnerships are not about timing but more about a journey where each partner has their own journey. Beginning of a partnership both partners head towards the same direction. But somehow along the way, their journey and luck cycles change where both heading different directions. Partnerships may share 30 years of same direction but out of a sudden, a partner decided to change but the other wanted to stay.

In other words, partnership is not forever and ever. We can consciously try to share the journey but when the path becomes totally different then it cannot be helped.

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