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Dear Joey

Thank you. Wonderful learning experience. I don’t know that much have so much and digest. It really open my mind and thought. Really, deeper and open our mind that command sense and not so common.

Slowly, bit-by-bit, I have gained knowledge input.

Albert Poon Tee Tee, Singapore

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In search for high appreciation properties
Source : Bizhive Weekly (Nov Issue)
Date : 25 Nov 2012
by Borneo

There are many aspects that I look upon a property but generally I look at four criteria that are environment of the location, building as the container, people and time. These four points have different criteria of assessment.

The location of the property has two major components of which are mountain and water. The mountain affects the property in terms of the quality of people leaving in that area while the water governs the opportunity and the flow of people to that area.

If there is bad mountain feature, the quality of people will also be affected in terms of education, health and character and the other way round.

Where areas that are completely flat, people there are less sentimental, on the other hand where places are hilly and nice, people are more sentimental.

Meanwhile, if the water feature is good, there will be plenty of financial opportunities for example New York being a financial capital is located near the water and so is Tokyo. Water governs the financial aspects of a property because business is a flow.

Properties atop the hills are perceived to be highly valued

Not all properties situated at higher lands are highly valued. However, some properties at these locations are highly priced is because of the people where mountain controls the quality of the people. For instance, higher status people usually stay at such locations.

But always remember that not all properties on hills or mountains are highly valued. Most of the expensive properties are usually located at the middle of the hill or mountain.

Values of properties in unappreciated areas can be improved when the water or roads are moved into the area. Roads or highways are also known as virtual water.

One good example is Rawang which for many years was undervalued or unappreciated. But ever since highways were developed to that area it has started to bloom and properties value started to hike.

Ever-changing value of properties

Value of properties will definitely change when the water ways change. For example, Mid Valley City for many years was a squatter area but has since transformed into one of the most highly valued property when developments of roads and well-positioned entrances to the area were made.

So, the good Feng Shui can be activated by positioning the in and out roads.

Water Snake year a good year to purchase properties?

In fact, every year is a good year to buy any property if you follow the mantra of the four criteria as mentioned.

Specific areas and properties will only be advised when people approach for consultations.

Nonetheless, there is no such thing where there is a no good year to buy property. Every year there are properties that are too expensive or very cheap.

Choosing the right house for living

Getting the perfect house is a matter of matching the people to the house. Different type of BaZi astrology chart can be match to different type of house.

Hence, if the house that you own does not match your Bazi, then you may want to rent the house to someone else who has a matching Bazi to the house which is quite common.

Most of the time, we can fix the matter but only in detrimental cases where every aspects does not match then the house shall be avoided.

Suitable house for you

Usually the suitability is done in two ways where I use the year to divide people into two categories; East group and West group. But at a higher level, I will divide each and every single person into their personal hexagrams where we will consider the year, month, day and hour of birth to pin-point exact suitability of the house.

It is a question of how specific you would want to match, the one size fits all or the detailed match.

In some cases, some people like a certain property so much that it is hard to let go. I would suggest looking into the Feng Shui first. If you have bad luck then you would like a bad property and the other way round.

Check your BaZi to find out if you have the opportunity and the houses you buy will be great. For example, in the year of the Snake, people who are born in the year of the rooster or Ox will have good opportunities to find good homes anyway.

But people with Goat in their BaZi chart, year, month, day or hour will have not so good opportunities looking for properties.

In a family, a house may not suit the entire family but there are different levels. That is why in a family not everyone is equally wealthy. Eventually, family members move out from the house to search for a better home.

Moving from house to house or property to property definitely change a person's destiny and fortune. Take myself as an example, every time I moved I wanted to move to a location with better Feng Shui.

Click here to view the review in full.

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