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This FSM3 is very clear and informative. I hope to have the chance to continue to FSM4 next year. Good work and presentation.

George Kappos, Greece

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Riding The Wood Horse in 2014
Source : Property LifeStyle (Jan Issue)
Date : 12 Jan 2014

KUALA LUMPUR, 12th January 2014 - Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Plenary Hall  - Internationally renowned author, consultant and educator of Feng Shui, Dato' Joey Yap presented to a crowd of 3500 people, that 2014 will be a challenging year for many. However, the year also promises to hold many opportunities for serious investors. While the initial outlook is a little gloomy, the year would smooth out towards the third and fourth quarters.

"It all boils down to how you take full advantage of the positive points available and make the best of these energies of the Wood Horse Year," said Dato' Joey to a sell-out audience who attended his annual Feng Shui & Astrology for 2014 seminar.

He revealed that in 2014, Fire related industries such as technology, hospitality, airline, food, telecommunication, military and electronics will perform especially well.  This is followed by the Wood element industries like fashion, education, advisory services, furniture, timber, and plantation which will also thrive this year.

Rather than presenting the typical 12 Animal Sign forecasts, Dato' Joey gave a more personalised outlook for this year according to each individual's Astrology Chart. He emphasized that the forecasts he shared should be viewed as a guide to help people strategize their plans for the year. He also surprised participants when he freely revealed the auspicious dates for 2014 during one session. This made the participants eager to take advantage of this useful information to get ahead in the year of the Wood Horse (2014).

Interested readers can also print their personalised Astrology Chart for free at this link:

Dato' Joey, who authored more than 120 books on Chinese Metaphysics to-date, has been hosting this annual event for the past ten years. The event had been successful in attracting participants the world over from United States, Canada, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore.

The Feng Shui & Astrology for 2014 in Kuala Lumpur is part of an eight-city world tour that began last October, which included stops in New York, London, Slovenia and Manila. It will move on to Penang on January 19th, Singapore on January 26th and Kota Kinabalu on February 26th. This Kuala Lumpur event was sponsored by the Mah Sing Group.

For details and ticketing information on the next seminar, visit:

Click here to view the review in full.

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