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Feng Shui Tips for Wood Horse Year
Source : Time Out Penang
Date : 27 Jan 2014

It's certainly time for a change around the house this new year and these feng shui advice from Dato' Joey Yap, deciphered by Su Aziz, may help you identify hotspots in your home or office.

Recently, 2,000 Penangites attended the Feng Shui and Astrology Seminar 2014 by the internationally renowned Dato' Joey Yap at Hotel Equatorial Penang. So did we. The one-day seminar was packed with information on predictions for the year of the wood horse. Here's what we've deciphered in terms of feng shui for you to achieve a better, more productive year ahead.

To begin, you'll need to identify the north point in your living or working spaces. A compass app can be easily downloaded from the internet or from under 'Tools'. Once you've got that sorted, here are what the energies of each individual sector can bring on to you:

North sector: It's identified as the secondary wealth sector for the wood horse year especially for those about to start long-term endeavours, career wise. The energy from this sector will also promote family harmony.

South sector: This is the wealth sector of the year. Main door of a home or office within this sector is believed to bring good financial returns from investments or business. It's good for those who want to accumulate financial returns. Also, there'll be a slow but steady growth of career improvement.

East sector: Considered as the illness sector of the year, it brings on persistent health problems. Also, major setbacks and stagnation. However, after the (negative) storm passes, there will be positive results for your property investments.

West sector: Here's where career progression with a promotion and increased salary is expected. Abilities to make decisions, execute projects and get things done will happen. The main door to an office in this sector will enhance your networking capability too.

Southwest sector: The upside to this sector is, its energy can boost your career and wealth, elevate your social status and bestow upon you a good reputation. It'll even help prosper and seal the deal in terms of relationships for romantic couples. However, be weary of depression and emotional instability too.

Southeast sector: This is an unsettling sector that'll cause constant disagreements to happen. However, the upside is, sometimes, you'll be able to see clearly and gives you direction after all the arguments.

Northwest sector: It's the most dangerous sector for the year and avoid any renovation here or it can result in injuries and mishaps. Best to keep this sector quiet and inactive.

Northeast sector: The energy from this sector will set off bickering, volatile feelings, office politics and unhealthy competition in the office. A main door within this sector has a risk of burglary or theft. Be on the lookout and take heed this year. Also, there's possible surgery or hospitalisation for those already in ill health. For more precise year of wood horse predictions and feng shui advice log onto or grab one of his books readily available from any good bookstores around Penang.

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