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Enjoyed the course tremendously. Superb delivery techniques and enlightened my understanding of BaZi. Looking forward to Module 3 and Module 4 too! The instructors, Vin Leo and Lee Tat Khuen, provided lots of guidance and helped to clarify our doubts.

Cheryl Lim Lee Ann, Singapore

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Zodiac 2015
Source : Vision KL
Date : 17 Feb 2015

Zodiac 2015

Dato' Joey Yap of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Arts offers his predictions for the year


It's your year and your intellect and creative energy will be all fired up in 2015. If your career is based in the creative and arts field, let your dynamic energy flow free for all to see. If there is a course or qualification that you have always wanted to take, now is the time. Remember that you are still human and stress will take its toll if you continue pushing yourself too hard. Take this opportunity to pursue other healthy passions as well such as working out regularly, eating right and just finding the time to sit down and enjoy life.


This year, you will be swinging from one good opportunity to another, with promotions and new business projects on the horizon. Central to all this will be your natural ability to hold court with the right people to cheer you on as your pursue your goals and ambitions. But keep a level head and be conscious of who you are. With that in mind, you can overcome any obstacle.


Instead of constantly chasing wealth and success like you did in the past, spend more time with family and friends. Money does make the world go round but it cannot buy happiness or love and know that you can always go home when you want to. Take a step back from the craziness of life, look inside yourself and you will discover what matters most is a good heart and soul.


You will be blessed with the ability to seek wealth and prosperity this year. The women in your life will be happy to lend you a hand in setting your plans in motions or putting them back on track if they have been derailed. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for new opportunities to further your goals. While this year may offer numerous challenges, it is important to rise above them.


This year denotes positive consequences for your career. As long as you are prepared to think outside the box, you will see the progress you so desire. Re-evaluate your friendships as some of your so-called friends are becoming envious of the success. Always be strong when dealing with petty gossip, jealousy and drama. Keep calm because you will be a more effective person and worker when you are relaxed.


Although it is fun to constantly chase after wealth and success, you would do well to also make an effort to spend some quality time with your spouse or partner. This is a year of growth and renewal - both for yourself and your relationships. For as you continue to develop your sense of self-worth at work, you will also continue to develop your connection with the people that truly matters in your life.


Your head is constantly up in the clouds chasing lofty goals, while forgetting about the more tangible short-term ones down on the ground. You need to live in the moment, but always have a back-up plan. You will need to watch your finances and start developing a budget and savings plan because, like the clouds above you, your money can drift away with the passing of the wind.


Not only can you look forward to your career success and personal happiness but any problems that you face this year will be solved in the blink of an eye. You will have plenty to celebrate about - whether it is a graduation, welcoming a new addition or a promotion at work - you have every reason to be positive about the next 12 months. Make the most of them.


Focus on your relationships this year and work hard to make the most of the support and friendships offered to you. It is also likely to be a great year for you financially as you will receive substantial returns from your investments. However successful you may be this year, you will also need to protect yourself from minor accidents. But keep smiling and there is no limit to what you can accomplish.


You will have a slew of different options and opportunities that will present themselves to you if you are willing to grab onto them. However fortunate you may feel about the direction of your career, it does not guarantee that these choices are the right for you. Gather plenty of information before you make a decision. So take the bull by the horns and prove your dedication to the many challenges ahead.


You should be coiled and ready for action as this year will be rich with opportunities for you to grow as a person and to improve your skills, social position and career prospects. You will be given the chance to showcase yourself and make progress towards your wider goals. It is likely that you will also be showered with opportunities and you should be prepared to strike while the iron's hot.


This should be a year about learning to take care of yourself more. However, you should not neglect your work responsibilities as there are some exciting opportunities coming your way. You are likely to enjoy some positive gains in your career and earn yourself considerable wealth in the process. The trick now is working hard without jeopardising your health and happiness.

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