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Another excellent excursion series, equal to last year. I am always left wanting more because of the quality of the information rather than lack of content. Many thanks again. Keep up the research!

Jayne Goodrick, United Kingdom

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Feng shui expert predicts good fortunes for Sabah
Source : New Sabah Times
Date : 9 Feb 2015
by Therenes Voo

Feng shui expert predicts good fortunes for Sabah

Sabah will be blessed with a good tourism year, says feng shui expert Jessie Lee.

Jessie who has more than 16 years of experience in Chinese metaphysics said Sabah should emphasise more on promoting and marketing its tourism industry.

In an interview with New Sabah Times yesterday, she said the geomancy reading for Sabah in the Year of the Goat “is very strategic and prosperous.”

“From the Malaysia map itself, Sabah is located at northeast and according to year 2015 Flying Star, this location has the beneficial of six white stars, which indicates authority, power, reputation and fame,” she said.

She added that under these six stars it will bring more recognition to this state.

“More people will come to know about Sabah, and a name will be created from this state. These are the main things that Sabah can expect this year,” she predicted.

Apart from the strategic location, Jessie said Sabah has a good source of Chi.

She explained that the first thing a classical feng shui practitioner will examine is the source of Chi, and Chi comes from the mountains.

“In Sabah, we see mountains are everywhere, with Mount Kinabalu strategically located right at the northeast direction, the external foundation of feng shui is already here and it is well taken care of,” she said.

According to her, mountain brings good fortune and luck, but not all mountains symbolise wealth.

“Mountains have different shapes and formations. The type of mountain that symbolises wealth is Flattop Mountain, the best example is the area at Signal Hill.

“In classical Feng Shui, we called these areas as Huge Door Mountains which mean governing financial,” she said adding that these areas are best location for those looking for financial growth,” she said.

Jessie who is also a qualified BaZi consultant for Joey Yap Consulting Group and an instructor with Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics said Sabah has been receiving good feng shui since 2004.

She predicted that this good feng shui will last until 2043.

“In economy wise, Sabah will continue to grow,” she said adding this state will gain more recognition as years go by.

Jessie who is based in Kuala Lumpur who is in town to give a talk on a seminar, entitled “Trotting into the Year of the Wood Goat with the Feng Shui and Astrology” at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu Hotel yesterday.

About 100 people attended the one-day seminar.

For more information, click here

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