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Thank you for this interesting lesson. This has been the best so far.

Leong Soon Peng, Singapore

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Improving Relationships with Feng Shui
Source : Asia One Singapore
Date : 17 Feb 2015

Improving Relationships with Feng Shui

What Feng Shui Can Do For Your Relationships

With growing interest in Feng Shui over the years, many have turned to this ancient technique in the hope of improving their fortunes, personal luck and even their love lives. But many would have said that your love life, just like your destiny, is dictated inside your BaZi Chart, and doesn’t believe that Feng Shui can be used to change this pre-destined outcome. How true is this?

Can Feng Shui Really Help Improve Relationships?

In simpler terms – Feng Shui can help improve and/or kick-start a relationship for you. But, there is a catch, because people need to understand what exactly is the 'relationship' that Feng Shui can help.

For start, one should not hope that by using Feng Shui, it can immediately make someone 'like' him or her. Sorry to burst your bubble but there is no mystical love magic in any of the Feng Shui books that can help you cast a love spell on your paramour and hope that they will love you back. If it were that simple, then all you needed to do was to stand under a full moon and incite a love spell. If you are going to have false hope, you might as well go all the way.

To clarify: it isn’t about the pair of Mandarin ducks you have perched in the corner and there is no “Love Corner” in classical Feng Shui either. There is also no one direction or one section of a person's house that can help you 'enhance' your relationship luck. And it does not matter how many peony flower paintings or plastic ones you put there, or how many vases of water you put there either. Suffice to say, while it is nice to see and pretty to look at, these objects and artifacts only just serves as a psychological effect on you and does nothing to help boost your romance luck.

Do not despair because although there is presently no direction or areas in Feng Shui that can help you with your relationship, one can still use the Eight Mansions to tap into the energies of the Yang Nian Star to help improve relationship matters. Another method that is commonly used by practitioners is the Flying Star which will usually make use of the 4-1 or 1-4 Star combinations. Unfortunately, what is practiced here is by no means any love combinations nor is any of the Stars mentioned residing in some steamy Love Corner direction either. If it is mentioned in a book that the Yan Nian Star is the Love Corner or that the South is the Love Corner, it's simply because it's more marketable to label something as the 'love corner' than to tell people that it's about improving their communication and interaction skills instead.

Tapping into the Right Energies

We need to understand what the meaning of relationship is in classical Feng Shui. Relationships here do not solely mean the romantic and sexual liaisons that most people tend to gravitate to these days. In fact, when we talk about improving romantic relationships in Feng Shui, we are talking about general relationships. So what are these general relationships? They include family relationships, personal relationships with friends, superiors, colleagues, business partners, business associates or suppliers, for example. Although it does not exclude romantic relationships, it is not refer exclusively to romantic relationships either.

So how does Feng Shui help with the relationships of both the romantic and the non-romantic kind? And what kind of “help” are we talking about here?

The help that we are referring here comes from making use of the energies (Qi) in certain locations of the home or office to assist with relationships by helping to smooth the path of meeting people or interacting with people. These energies and locations helps create opportunities for interaction, networking and improve relations with those around you.

Many people also do not know that Feng Shui can also be used to sweeten a soured relationship. Specific method can be used to help a strained relationship transition into a less stressful one sans any major conflict. By using the Yan Nian sectors, you can ensure that a relationship ends smoothly without much hassle or conflicts. Hence, the Yan Nian, while not a Love Corner, is perhaps something of a 'Don't Hate Me' corner.

Furthermore, since Yan Nian is not a universal direction and varies depending on either the individual’s Personal Gua (if used for personal directions) or the House Gua (if used to identify the appropriate sector in the house). The Yan Nian sector is the sector where all the energies are completely balanced - this is where both Yin and Yang Qi is in harmony. Hence, the Qi in this sector is said to be sentimental and calming, bringing balance to a person’s emotions and enables the development of positive and healthy relationships.

In the next issue, we will be discussing about practical tips on how you can use Feng Shui to improve your personal relationships (the romantic and non-romantic ones).

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