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Great work! The presentation of the material, simply noble and elegant! Congratulations and may there be more success in the future.

Ricardo Pascual, Switzerland

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Feng Shui guru launches book on BaZi
Source : Sarawak Tribune
Date : 25 Apr 2005

Joey Yap, one of Malaysia's prominent classical Feng Shui gurus, recently unlocked the ancient art of deciphering one's fate in “BaZi-The Destiny Code” at the launch of his new book at MPH Bookstores One Utama Shopping Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

The book launch, organized by MPH Bookstore Sdn Bhd, also saw Joey Yap sharing his passion on classical Feng Shui apart from his tutoring on how to read one's destiny code.

“We face challenges everyday in our lives and life's challenges are never ending. How do you manage it? You can take control of your life by understanding not just yourself , but your destiny and luck,” he said.

Joey Yap added that if one understood and knew what lies ahead, saw the obstacles and opportunities, strategised and planned one's action accordingly, one could better manage life's challenges.

BaZi – the Destiny Code provides an interesting approach and perspective on BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny. The Book is the latest title written by Joey Yap, the best selling author of various Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology books and his first introductory book on BaZi.

Chinese Astrology has been shrouded in mystery and mired in superstition for a very long time. The objective of this book is, therefore, to demystify the old age science and make it accessible to all. It is set out in a comprehensive, easy to read style so that even the layman will find it easy to learn Chinese Astrology.

“Many people have little idea that their birth data such as year, month, day and time of birth is an intricate code that contains information on their destiny. It is very important to understand our destiny code so that we can empower and take better control of our lives,” said Joey, who spends a few months writing this book based on many years of research and experience in teaching and practicing BaZi.

Readers will find BaZi-The Destiny Code an easy-to-read guide with plenty of helpful illustration, BaZi is one of the foremost forms of Chinese Astrology and it is utilised by Asia 's leading business tycoons, file stars, pop stars and even politicians.

In this comprehensive book, Joey delves deeper into BaZi, beyong the conventional Chinese Astrology reading that focus on the year of birth. It is definitely a must-read book for people who want to know more about their destiny and take a better control of their lives.


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