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Dear Joey,

"Very good material

Very informative, comprehensive and intensive studies. “What I studied and discovered in 2 years covers completely in 4 days” Wow! Thanks. Very likely and exciting teaching format.

Vin Leo, Australia

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Anticipating The Challenges Ahead
Source : The Sun Daily
Date : 26 Feb 2016

"Feng shui master Joey Yap tells what the Year of the Fire Monkey holds for business and us"

Whether they are advocates and believers of feng shui or not, people have an innate curiosity to know what the new lunar Year of the Fire Monkey will bring.

So, it’s no surprise to find many flocking to listen to feng shui master Datuk Joey Yap offered his readings of what the year holds.

At an encore of the Feng Shui & Astrology 2016 Seminar held last Sunday, the founder of The Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics touched on aspects of feng shui, face reading and Chinese metaphysics.

Apart from providing the lucky dates for business launches and finding prospects, Yap also presented a forecast on the performance of various industries this year which were derived from BaZi readings and the Five Elements Theory.

While job scarcity and competition in the market are to be expected this year, Yap said there is still room for opportunities and growth in certain sectors – especially Water element industries because it is a favourable element this year.

According to Yap, industries related to aquatics, beverage, tourism and service as well as logistics and transport will dominate in the market because of growing opportunities and diversity.

On the other hand, Fire element industries are expected to face a lot of competition and downsizing due to cash-flow problems.

Among these industries are those in the aviation sector, pharmaceuticals, media and telecommunications as well as oil and gas.

While conflict and competition are also predicted for the Metal element industries, Yap said that despite the pressure, there would be beneficial collaborations among these industries.

They include the automobile, manufacturing, legal and military sectors as well as banking and finance.

Yap described the Wood element industries as bearish this year because of predicted legal pressures and excessive rainfall that could affect the timber, agriculture, and commodities markets.

Despite that, the BaZi chart readings note a stabilisation of the Wood element industries towards the middle of the year.

Since Earth is marked as the weakest element of the year, a slow growth is expected in industries such as those in the mining, construction, property, insurance and escrow services sectors.

However, Yap indicated this year is the best time to invest in properties, because it would be a good financial opportunity in the long run.

He also predicted growth in the IT, education, food and hospitality sectors as well as start-up and telecommunications companies.

Yap also elaborated on this year’s Annual Flying Star Chart at the seminar.

He advised members of the audience to avoid the Northeast section of their property as it is the most inauspicious sector this year, increasing the chances of accidents, misfortunes and injuries.

In contrast, the Southwest section represents the main wealth sector for the year, which if used frequently, will manifest prosperity and success.

Just as important for many is the desire for job satisfaction and professional growth.

The East sector is of special importance as it is the second wealth sector of 2016. It will enhance income especially where long-term or permanent jobs are concerned.

The South sector is another sector that will manifest positive outcomes and rewards for hard work, thus increasing possibility of promotions and salary increments.

Yap also touched on Qi Men Dun Jia, an ancient oracle method,which is part of the Three Sacred Methods or Three Styles (San Shi) used to calculate the outcomes or luck in relation to the aspects of time and space (direction).

This method was famously used by Zhuge Liang, a chancellor of the state of Shu during the Three Kingdoms period, to win the Battle of the Red Cliffs at the end of the Han dynasty.

Based on the principle of placing people “in the right place at the right time”, Qi Men Dun Jia is used today to calculate the exact moment in time to embark on a specific action to produce the desired outcome.

In other words, this method has the ability to help us improve our chance of attaining specific objectives.

The techniques of Qi Men can also be used to uncover the feng shui outlook of a property to determine whether a property is receiving the qi needed to help its occupants achieve positive results.

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