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This is an eye opening session for me. Joey’s knowledge on the subject is excellent! The course is structured and conducted in a very systematic way. I have gained a lot from this course. Thank you for enlightening me.

Gan Swee Lee, Singapore

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Feng Shui Tips for Commercial Properties
Source : iProperty
Date : 1 Mar 2016
by Dato' Joey Yap

Feng Shui Tips for Commercial Properties

At its very core, Feng Shui functions on a set of principles which is used across all sorts of properties.However, when it boils down details, there are nuances which differentiate its application for residential and commercial properties. It goes unnoticed by the common layman, but almost every new development nowadays – especially commercial properties such as shopping or business centres - goes through a stage where a Feng Shui assessment is done in order to ensure it eventually thrives. Great pains are taken to locate the Qi mouth, which will serve as the development’s main gateway as well as its main receptacle for positive Qi. More often than not, developments which fail to prosper tend to have problems associated with this aspect.

Although these larger scale things are usually beyond the control of the individual owner, there are things which one can personally observe in order to ensure his or her business thrives in the best way possible. Just as the surrounding environment of residential properties should have ideal landforms to channel positive Qi into the abode, the same rule applies for a business premise as well. Most of the time, a lot of people prioritise on getting the Feng Shui setting right indoors when it should be the other way round. You can have the perfect indoor setting, but all that would mean nothing if the business premises itself is not receiving any favourable Qi from its surroundings.

Ideally, we would want to see features such as Mountains and Water in the surroundings as these are part of the main criteria in creating an excellent Feng Shui environment. Water, being the main conduit for Qi, follows the former’s movements as well – flowing from high ground to lower ground. As such, we generally would want a business premise to be located at the lower part of a landscape in order for it to receive Qi which collects there. While keeping an eye out for favourable features, one should also place equal emphasis on looking out for negative features which could produce Sha Qi such as sharp corners or pylons. Such things could severely damage a property’s Feng Shui even if everything else in its surroundings is great.

Just as the Qi Mouth is important in a development, so is the entrance of a business premise. Some of the important things to observe is keeping it unobstructed and as spacious as possible. We may not always have the luxury of an ideal building orientation. However, one may want to consider the nature of business is align to the proper element. For instance, if you are running a real estate business, you may want to be aligned to the Earth element – or if you are in the tourism industry, you will want to be aligned to the Water element. Each industry is associated with a specific element. Even the shape of the building itself has its association with a particular element. Tapping into right Qi will greatly help a business to prosper.

There are more detailed aspects one could look into such as the annual Flying Stars. For example, a business which requires high security such as banking and jewellery, you will want to pay attention to where the #3 Red Star lands as it is considered the robbery star. If you are running a large organisation with many departments, the Flying Stars could be particularly helpful in ensuring each department benefits from the proper attributes of the associated star.

Lastly, always bear in mind that good Feng Shui just accounts partially of what it takes to make a business successful. It does not automatically transform you into a fantastic businessman. Most of it has to do with having the right person at the right place and at the right time. Great Feng Shui can afford you with excellent opportunities, nevertheless it will still take effort and a good sense to cash in on those opportunities.

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