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This is my 2nd trip with you to China and again a great experience. Now I am able to see the mountains in the way of Feng Shui. Thank you for being my teacher.

Ingrid Huse, Germany

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Do You Want Short-Term or Long-Term Wealth?
Source : The Star Property
Date : 23 Jun 2016
by Dato' Joey Yap

Classical Feng Shui has long and often been associated with wealth, but there’s definitely more than meets the eye to the ancient art.

As a practitioner of Chinese Metaphysics, wealth should be quantified as not just having a swelled up bank account, but being rich in health, relationships, having peace of mind both at home and at the workplace, amongst other things in life that you just can’t put a price onto. Ever so popularly known to denote ridiculous amounts of money, but what’s often forgotten is that the term ‘wealth’ itself is unreservedly subjective.

However, one undebatable argument is that money does bring about loads of happiness to many. Achieving individual financial goals usually involves deftly engineered strategies and disciplined execution. They are rolled into motion with hopes of snapping either short or long-term financial glory.

Question is: When do you want to flex your wealth muscles? Classical Feng Shui has annotated the acquisition of wealth through the use of the Annual Flying Star and Natal Flying Star Charts, both of which assist in short and long-term wealth goals respectively.

Before we delve deeper into the details, it is important to first understand what you need or want. Do you consider yourself financially buoyed but can’t seem to see significant increase in savings? Or do you find it difficult to make sound investments and are losing your financial footing of late?

Whatever the issue you face in terms of wealth, these and other questions should first be brought to surface as the Flying Star Charts of Classical Feng Shui won’t guarantee you worry-free financial health. You will still have to do your regular check-ups! It requires you to assess yourself and subsequently, alter your state of mind to regularly tap into positive energies all around – only then would you be able to witness the change that which you need and want.

Every home has a wealth Qi that can be activated and should be the very next step in your pursuit of wealth. During Period 8, which spans from 2004 to 2023, the Main Wealth Star is identified as the #8 Star (also known as the 8 White Star), specifically the #8 Facing Star. This Main Star corresponds to the vibrant Qi of the period and relates to current cash flow or income that is currently in motion.

Each Main Wealth Star is accompanied by two Secondary Wealth Stars that correspond to the growing Qi of the period and relate to future cash flow or income that is invested. For Period 8, these Secondary Wealth Stars are identified as the #9 and #1 Facing Stars.

Having assessed your needs, use either the Annual Flying Star or Natal Flying Star Charts to figure out the location of these Wealth Stars within your home. These nine-grid charts – three squares down and three across – are just like a tic-tac-toe, but it will bring immensely more than trivial joy!

The three-by-three chart should be superimposed on the floor plan of your home and the location of the Wealth Stars would be clearly visible. Activating each of these stars will bear varying effects and again, should be aligned with your financial goals – be it right now or when the sun rises again.

Activating the #8 Facing Star will bring about consistent, long-term improvement to your finances. The obvious outcomes include a pay raise, acquiring better perks, or opportunity to move to a job with more desired remuneration. If you are in fields of sales and business development, expect bigger and juicier deals headed your way.

If the #8 Facing Star is located at your Main Door (main entrance of home), you should not have a problem ushering in positive Qi. Simply ensure that the opening is unobstructed and well lit. If you have other entrances to your home, consider closing the current one for another that sits at the #8 Facing Star.

If the #8 Facing Star is located away from the door, you should also consider placing an aquarium or fountain within the proximity to activate and collect Qi with the Water Element, an entity regarded as Yang in Classical Feng Shui. Should the #8 Facing Star correspond to a hardly used or empty room, consider occupying the space with a study or workspace to invigorate wealth acquisition through intellectual property.

These applications are also observed with regards to the Secondary Wealth Stars, where activation would improve opportunities to make good investments or to sell an existing investment favourably. The #3 and #5 Stars on the other hand can cause chronic loss of wealth and should also be taken into account when moving the Main Door or placing the Water Element to gain wealth.

Depending on where these negative Stars end up, there are always remedies to stifle their effects and capitalise on the Wealth Stars. After all, nothing is permanent in this world, not even our troubles. Through my years of experience, some have come to me saying they have tried everything and has yet to observe changes.

Activating Wealth Stars also depend on your personal destiny, also known as BaZi. Visit today – learn how you can do it right and discover your true destiny in pursuit of bountiful wealth.

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