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The course was FANTASTIC! I’ve learnt a lot again. It’s always a pleasure attending courses from the Mastery Academy. Please keep up the good work! Thanks for being there and offering such structured and well-organised courses. Best regards from Germany.

Tayo Okunola, Germany

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2017 is a good year to accumulate assets, says Feng Shui astrology consultant
Source : The Edge Property Malaysia
Date : 7 Jan 2017
by Tan Ai Leng

Despite global uncertainties continuing into the year of the Fire Rooster, Datuk Joey Yap said it is a good year for individuals to look for investment opportunities as the price of properties and other investment assets are becoming cheaper compared with during good times.

"The Fire Rooster year, which starts from Feb 3 this year, is a good period for individuals (Bazi) or sectors which comprise Metal, Fire and Water elements," he said during the "Datuk Joey Yap’s Feng Shui & Astrology 2017" seminar today.

Yap is an established Chinese Metaphysics consultant and bestselling author of more than 160 books that have sold more than four million copies worldwide. is the official media partner for the seminars in Malaysia.

The five elements in Fengshui Shui Astrology are Fire, Wood, Metal, Water and Earth.

Sectors which are in the Metal element include jewellery and goldsmith, automotive, finance, mining as well as mechanical nature field.

Fire element-related industries are oil and gas, food and beverage, airlines, information technology, metaphysics, electronics, fire arms and artillery, as well as services related sectors.

For the Water element, the industries include aquatic and fishery, shipping, tourism, trading, media and strategists and other water-related businesses such as laundry and sewage.

"Although the earth element (such as the real estate sector) is weaker than other elements, but this also means that things (property) will become more affordable, individuals who are looking for investment assets should grab the opportunities to accumulate assets during an economic slowdown," he explained.

Besides accumulating wealth, Yap also advised individuals to improve themselves by acquiring new skills which could enhance their life and career.

For individuals who don't have good elements in their Bazi this year, Yap said the situation can be mitigated by working with partners who have good elements (for business owners) or complement with a spouse's Bazi who has good elements.

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