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Module 4 with the China Excursion trip computed the whole understanding of Feng Shui from large-scale projects to individual lots from Yin House to Yang House. The best is the last field trip, by understanding the selection and positioning of the land.

Alexander Ho, U.S.A.

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Walking the Dragons Book Launch Coverage
Source : The Star
Date : 14 Oct 2008
by Priya Menon

New book on Feng Shui
Yap tackles traditional form of art in travelogue

Feng Shui expert Joey Yap launched his latest book Walking The Dragons at the MidValley MPH Bookstores recently.

The book features a compilation of his experiences and traditional Feng Shui called the 'Landform' Feng Shui.

Click here to learn more about Walking the Dragons book.

"This is the first English book that explains the 'Landform' Feng Shui as most of them feature the interior Feng Shui," said Yap.

'Landform' Feng Shui is the art of using the environment that has positive Chi (energy) to build homes and even final resting place for the dead.

This type of Feng Shui was used by the emperors and noble people during the Chinese dynasty.

"This book tells of the famous people and how they reaped the benefits or suffered as a result of the 'Landform' Feng Shui," he added.

Yap's book which is actually a travelogue, takes readers through the history of China and with observations on sites and places from a Feng Shui perspective.

"The book has all the sites tourists usually visit but with the added information on its Feng Shui element," he added.

The book has pictures that can help the ordinary man understand the elements of the universe that is required to purchase a home with good Chi.

"If you do it properly from the beginning you don't have to worry about the interior, so the pictures will guide you when purchasing homes," Joey said. Yap said that he was trying to introduce the 'Landform' Feng Shui as it was still new to the common man.

Click here to view the article in full.

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