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Interesting, easy to understand and fun.

Lim Keng Hock, Malaysia

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  Recent Classes

Recent Classes

Joey Teaches His First 'Design Your Destiny' Program
April 25-27, 2010

The students who registered their attendance at the Nikko Hotel in Kuala Lumpur for Joey Yap's 'Design Your Destiny' program on April 25 did not mind coming to class on a Sunday morning. For one reason, they had the rare distinction of being the inaugural group of students to learn personally from Joey the first ever 'Design Your Destiny' program in the world. For another reason, they considered themselves very lucky indeed to be able to attend Joey's one and only such class presently scheduled in Asia!

From April 25 right through April 27, the privileged students presented themselves diligently from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. After all, they were privy to Joey's 'Design Your Destiny' program, which is based on Joey Yap's BaZi Profiling system. It is an entirely new system written and developed by Joey to help anyone understand his or her personality for personal development.

To help the students understand themselves better, they were seated according to their 10 Day Masters (determined by their dates of birth and governing their innate basic nature) on the first day of class. On the second day, they shared the same table with fellow students having the same one of the 5 Structures (the second layer of Joey Yap's BaZi Profiling system which is derived from the dominant element, and denotes how individuals behave towards other people and respond to various situations). On the final day, the students were in the company of those sharing the same one of the 10 main Profiles (the third layer of Joey Yap's BaZi Profiling system which denotes the role the individual plays in life at the base, intimate and social sub-levels).

For every layer of Joey Yap's BaZi Profiling system, he explained at great length both the positive and negative traits, hidden nature and unique attributes of each personal character, leadership style in effecting the desired change in others, relationship matters as well as how the individual in question functions at work, in business and at home.

Joey also emphasized how such a profile is good and bad when applying the Joey Yap's BaZi Profiling system to match an individual to a career or field and management position where he or she can perform at his or her best. In addition, he dispensed invaluable tips on how to work and deal with an individual according to his or her profile. Throughout all the sessions, Joey named examples of famous people for his students to model their life paths on. Students were encouraged to practice decoding the profiles of those seated at their table at the end of each session. Besides the Question-&-Answer sessions, they used the coffee breaks to ask Joey further questions and also to check out the various products, courses and consultation services offered at the booth.

At the end of Joey Yap's 'Design Your Destiny' three-day program, the first group of students was keen to apply Joey Yap's BaZi Profiling system to themselves and others they know to help discover their own strengths and weaknesses, obvious and hidden nature so that they can maximize their potential for a more fulfilling life.

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Dato' Joey Yap is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia consultant in Asia. He is an international speaker, bestselling author of over 160 books and master trainer in Chinese Metaphysics. He is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and the Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group.


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