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Dear Joey

Thank you so much for changing the Ba Zi teaching. It has been so interesting, showing to us all we can see now in a four-pillar chart. So much work to do now but so rewarding.

Helene Weber, France

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  Recent Classes

Recent Classes

Joey Yap In Athens - by Eleni Dionisiou

Joey electrified his audience once again! I am really sorry for those who were not able to participate in these courses in Greece.

Greece is a beautiful country with a long history with numerous and very interesting ground formations (stars, dragons and Qi mouth - ideal for Feng Shui Module 3 and Xuan Kong studies), plus a wonderful crystal clear sea, where one can also have their holidays all around the year.

Last October, my husband Nikolas and myself, had invited Joey to teach BaZi series Module 1 and Module 2, during which we realized what we have always believed about Joey: that he is a very special, fair-natured and charismatic person. It had been a very happy concurrence then, because Joey decided to proceed to the foundation of Mastery Academy to which we agreed without any speckle of doubt, stating that we would support him right away. This is how we were formally established as instructors and representatives of Mastery Academy in Greece.

It was our great delight to invite him this year also, to teach BaZi Module 3, Feng Shui Module 3 and Xuan Kong Module 1, which was scheduled from October 7 to October 15. The courses started on the very same day he arrived (unbelievable but true!). What could one say about Joey? Everybody was pinned down during the courses, listening attentively to an elderly wise and at the same time young but experienced researcher. His experience, inspiration, communicability and enthusiasm along with his high level of patience established him as the best among teachers.

After attending BaZi Module 3, one learns how to think as a professional consultant. They may then discern the fluctuations of the chart they read, analyzing accurately the events in all spheres of the client's life. It is a matter-of-course that for a professional Feng Shui consultant, BaZi is an absolute must.

In Feng Shui Module 3 (Joey's specialty), as San He School pre-supposes a high knowledge of BaZi art, the professional consultant studies the environment and the ground formations, knowing how to choose the right land for the client or how to mend the existing one. The Module 3 subject matter is of course totally different from the previous one. The course presentation is live and is accompanied by photographs and actual examples.


In the third evening, we took Joey to a very elegant restaurant in Athens, 'Ithaki', which is widely known for its fresh fish. It is built on an excellent area, where the land is spread in the sea like a thumb creating a horseshoe shape.

Joey told us that this formation should definitely encompass the presence of a small island in a certain spot, which was verified. Let it be noted that Joey could not possibly have seen the landscape, as it was late and dark; he just knows deeply the subject matter he teaches. He explained to us that if that small island had not been there Qi could not have been tapped and the situation would not have been so fortunate for the restaurant.
The next day, he shared the same example with the students of Feng Shui Module 3 and encouraged them to visit the area.

Another example of a live class was Huge Door Star (mountain), which is located behind the hotel in which the courses were held. Chris Leong took pictures of the mountain shot from different spots. Joey located the points in which the surrounding area is supported commercial-wise, as well as the points, which are prone to robbery explaining why and when they are vulnerable.

During Xuan Kong Module 1 course, out of respect for the personality, the deep knowledge and high status of teaching procedure of Joey, the students did not interrupt with questions. Joey's personal remark was: "I have never met a quieter class in my entire career; are you sure you understand?" The class burst out laughing. Truth is that the students were eager to receive a new way of Feng Shui application. Why? The same applies in painting; first you learn the rules and how to stay within their boundaries; then you learn how to subtract in order to achieve your own comfort level of progress, and only then you are recognized as master of painting.
This is exactly the case of Feng Shui and Xuan Kong Mastery Series - they help students to grow towards the same developing direction. In all classes, the student learns how to bring on his own assessment, how to choose, what to use, where to focus, according to the individual case.

The atmosphere among students was really beautiful. Nikolas and I saw that several evenings were free for those who would like to join Joey and Chris for dinner, so I am sure everybody was pleased even off-class. By the way, Joey tried and enjoyed Greek cuisine, especially fish dishes. The courses took place in a pleasant, commercial southern suburb of Athens, close to the sea, in a cozy, elegant, intimate hotel.

The surprise was something which had not been scheduled at all; the first class of a new series of Mastery Academy - Chinese Chiropractics. From now on, this course is going to be taught by Chris Leong, who - besides assisting Joey - is a martial arts champion, coming from a family, which has inherited the knowledge of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Chiropractics. So, we were pleased to watch Chris teach - in a direct and effective way - a topic very useful to all of us. Welcome Chris and Bravo!


We also fixed the dates for Joey's courses of 2005 deciding to combine 'business and pleasure' this time:-

· Mian Xiang (face reading) Module 1 and Module 2 in June 17- 19, morning classes,
· Chinese Chiropractics Module 1 and Module 2, afternoon classes.

Nikolas and I are expecting you all in June 2005 and we will be happy to host you in the most famous and beautiful island of Greece, MYKONOS, where celebrities flock from all over the world every summer, so that you may enjoy your summer vacation along with the wonderful courses of our Academy. Bring your friends or family members along with you.

Also, a note for those who have not attended Xuan Kong Mastery Module 1 and Module 2 - they will be held in November 2005 in Athens, along with Feng Shui Module 3. Let me remind you that the 50% discount holds for repeated attendance of Feng Shui M1, M2 and M3, only until December 2004, so you'd better hurry up! If you haven't repeated them, register at the closest instructor of your country. It is worth it! Believe me!

It would be an omission on my part if I did not take the opportunity to thank Joey in open audience.

Thank you, Joey, we are proud for all your courses, Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics is the only school in the world, which -by covering Chinese metaphysical arts in a holistic way with such a deep level of analysis- makes all the others sound like a 'Chinese whisper'...

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Dato' Joey Yap is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia consultant in Asia. He is an international speaker, bestselling author of over 160 books and master trainer in Chinese Metaphysics. He is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and the Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group.


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