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I was totally blown away by Joey Yap's generosity. I have taken classes - too many to count - and to have an offer to share the DYD information and earn some income without fees, percentages, etc., is so alien a concept that I would be proud to share and help others. I was very impressed especially when I compare the teacher to all of the others I have taken courses from. I think I would enjoy learning from Joey Yap and now need to save to attend more classes!

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  Recent Classes

Recent Classes

The Ultimate BaZi Experience in Bali with Joey Yap

April 27 - May 7, 2011

For eleven heavenly days, Joey Yap and his students for BaZi Mastery™ Module 5 have called Bali their home away from home. Module 5 is an all-new BaZi program developed by Joey, the first of its kind that takes the students on a trip away from the usual classroom environment and turned it into a vacation in paradise.

Excitement can be seen on the faces of those participating in this program. Everyone was simply thrilled to be in Bali, Island of the Gods, the ultimate holiday destination. There was no doubt that learning BaZi is going to be a fun experience the moment they set foot on Bali.

The students arrived in Bali on April 27, checking in at the Grand Hyatt Bali Hotel in Nusa Dua, a luxury beachfront resort 12km from the NgurahRai Airport. That evening, Joey met his students for the first time at the welcome dinner at Metis Bali, an elegant French Mediterranean restaurant in Kuta, where they were treated to a sumptuous dinner, as everyone took the opportunity to mingle with each other.

As this is a rather leisurely program, the first class only began the next day right after lunch at the hotel. Joey started off with the first topic: Synastries Affinity between Charts, a two-day course focusing on relationship analysis in various scenarios based on the BaZi charts. This is an intriguing topic as students learnt about marriage analysis for both male and female, and the advanced techniques they can apply on this matter.

Joey switched it up a little on April 30, Day Four of the program, where the students move on to the next topic on Health. This time around, the course was conducted outdoors at Taman Bhagawan, a stunning garden venue of lush landscapes and elegant Javanese Joglo structures located at Desa Bualu, Tanjung Benoa, just north of Nusa Dua.

The change of scenery certainly delighted the students as they get to enjoy the cool breeze on a bright sunny day while Joey explained about Health Analysis using BaZi. A BaZi chart can be used as a tool to determine illnesses and other medical issues that may arise in an individual's lifetime. So Joey demonstrated the techniques and interpretation tips to identify these on a chart. Part Two of Health was held back at the hotel the next day.

As playtime was encouraged in this program, the courses only began at 12.30pm, right after lunch, to 6pm daily. It gave the students some free time to simply rest and relax, go for a swim, or explore the surrounding villages and towns.

On May 2, Day Six of the program, Joey and his students took a break from their lessons for a day of fun. They took a tour down to central Bali, where they were given time to explore Ubud, the cultural center of the island. There, they visited the many quaint stores selling exquisite handicrafts from sculptures to silverware, showcasing the craftsmanship and talent of the local people.

Lunch was served at Laka Leke Restaurant, where they dined on the famous Crispy Duck, or locally called BebekBengil. After that, the entourage continued on to Taman Ayun Temple, the Royal Temple of the Mengwi Empire, located outside of Denpasar town, where they get to admire the unique architecture of the Balinese temple and its beautiful serene landscape up-close. Thereafter, the group visited the picturesque Tanah Lot temple or Pura Tanah Lot, which sits on a rock formation just off Bali island. This was the perfect opportunity to photograph this cultural icon, especially when the sun sets.

The day ended with a BBQ seafood dinner at Menega Café in Jimbaran, where Joey and the students savored fresh seafood under the stars on the beach.

It was back to 'school' again on May 3, Day Seven of the program. In the morning, Joey and his students checked into a new hotel,Sentosa Private Villas and Spa, a world-class resort situated in Seminyak on the southwestern coast of Bali.

After settling in the new hotel and lunch, Joey and his students headed down to The Royal Santrian, a luxury private resort in Tanjung Benoa, the venue for the next 'class' on World Events Analysis. In light of the many major events, especially those recent ones, the students were eager to learn how a BaZi chart can be derived based on the date of a country's independence or national day to determine its significant events and even disasters. Clearly, an eye-opening course to all.

The next day, 'class' was held back at Taman Bhagawan for a one-day course on Coaching - Transforming Lives. In this topic, students learnt to bring their role as BaZi consultants to the next level: as a coach to guide their clients on applying what they learnt from their BaZi chart to transform their lives effectively and positively. The day ended with a satisfying Balinese buffet dinner at the ever-popular Made'sWarung, a must-visit restaurant in Bali.

The final course of the program was the two-parter Lunar Discourse, where Part One, on May 5, brought everyone back to The Royal Santrian. In Lunar Discourse, Joey gave his students insights about the classical texts on BaZi and provided better understanding on the ancient concepts and its interpretation in modern day practice

On the final day of the program, the students continued with Part Two of Lunar Discourse at VillaRumah Bali, a luxury private villa in TanjungBenoa. The Farewell Dinner at the end of the day was also held here, where Joey presented certificates of completion to all the students, the first group to experience this unique BaZi program.

BaZi Mastery™ Module 5 was truly an adventure of sorts for those who attended. Not only that Joey had given his students an edge on advanced BaZi, everyone also had a great vacation being in Bali. Needless to say, most were reluctant to return to reality on their last day on the island on May 7.

With the success of this inaugural program, Joey will bring it back to Bali again in 2012 with an interesting new syllabus to share with his students. Be the first to reserve your place for the next Module 5 program at

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Dato' Joey Yap is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia consultant in Asia. He is an international speaker, bestselling author of over 160 books and master trainer in Chinese Metaphysics. He is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and the Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group.


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