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I have been searching for a good Feng Shui master all my life, I am glad and honoured to have found one who is a superb master, teacher, motivator as well as entertainer.

Mastery Academy is very unique as it is the best and only Chinese Metaphysics Institute in the world, which is a growing and prosperous dragon full of passion and energy.

We all look forward to the day where Feng Shui will be officially recognized as a vital part of the property industry in the future. Keep up the good work and thank you for all the valuable knowledge crystallized from all your years of blood, sweat and tears.

Leonard Tham Wai Hoong , Malaysia

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  Recent Classes

Recent Classes

BaZi Module 4: Learning to Wield the Power of Destiny
BaZi Module 4 kicked off on August 31st 2005 and saw Mastery Academy students and instructors from all over the world converging at the Boulevard Hotel for the inaugural BaZi M4, being conducted for the first time ever.

Students and instructors from Poland, India, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Singapore and Malaysia had a chance to meet and mingle the night before, during the Registration Night dinner, where they were able to catch up and chat with each other. They also received their course kits, a hefty 500 page folder packed with examples, notes and reams of other BaZi goodies. With a night to digest and look through the 'goodies' contained in the course folder, students were raring to go and geared up for 5 days of power-packed BaZi classes.

As always, Joey was not one to disappoint!

Day 1 kicked off with Joey going through the Five Element Sheng Ke classics (from Yuan Hai Zi Peng), which greatly deepens the understanding of the 5 Elements, thus enabling a practitioner to have a good command of the innate characteristics of the 10 Day Masters. The next 2 days were devoted to dissecting each of the 60 Jia Zi, and deriving extensive details from each of the 60 pillars. Excerpts and examples where extracted from Yuan Hai Zi Peng as well as San Ming Tung Hui classics. With this information, a practitioner can read a person's BaZi from just the day pillar, as well as using the 4 individual pillars, without having to resort to the 10 Gods.

The class then moved on to the famous 'Di Tian Sui' classic, which is a famous Chinese Metaphysical text devoted solely to the subject of the 10 Heavenly Stems. Having whetted their appetite, Joey then moved on to the crème-de-la-crème of BaZi Classics, the Qiong Tong Bao Jian, a famous analogy of commentaries on BaZi, which discusses the concept of the Structural Useful God. For many students, this was an entirely new concept and brought a whole new dimension to BaZi.

The 5 days were packed with plenty of practical exercises (or morning exercise, as Joey was apt to put it). The idea was to get students thinking in Module 4 mode, and putting into practice immediately the material they had learnt. Module 4 was, as Joey aptly put it, all about CTC methods (for those not familiar with Joey's trademark catchphases, CTC stands for 'cut the crap') and enhancing one's ability to read the BaZi from a 360 degree approach. Students put their knowledge to reading an assortment of charts, from common average people to the charts of local and internal tycoons like Donald Trump, celebrities like Stephen King and even royalty!

It was not of course, all serious Classical material all the way. The Classics, too, have a sense of humour, as students laughed and guffawed their way through the He Zhe Ge sections of Di Tian Sui. He Zhe Ge, which translates into 'How Do You Know Song', gives quick, one liner insights into a BaZi that can be quickly applied by a practitioner to get a instant-Polaroid snapshop of a person's BaZi. How do you know if a person is rich, asks Di Tian Sui? When the Wealth Qi Penetrates Through the Month Door is the answer. There were also quick techniques for determining which Day Masters are more inclined to be stingy, which were generous, how to perceive a scumbag from a BaZi, how to know if someone is lecherous and even how to figure out if someone is scared of horror movies!

Joey also shared 'trade secret' BaZi techniques, utilised by some of the top Masters, such as Ying Qi (the technique of knowing when a certain event will actually occur), flipping the branches and stems in the BaZi, deriving Guas from a BaZi and using the Gua to read the BaZi and delved deeper into Combinations and Silent Push and Pull scenarios. Did you know that BaZi can also be used to help you find and select an optimum place to live or to find your best Feng Shui land? It was all heady, powerful and extremely exciting material for all the practitioners and students.

Day 5 capped off with an extremely important topic, which was Date Selection techniques (including Dong Gong and Gui Ren Deng Tian method). Joey shared with students two methods of Date Selection and then, topped it off with a session on selecting a date for Caesarean births, something which BaZi practitioners are in great demand for these days.

Module 4 concluded with the night's graduation dinner and a gala time for all!

Reported by Bernice

“This has been a wonderful course, very detailed and practical. The way you explore the concepts and theories of the Classics and make it so relevant to modern day applications, help us read a BaZi chart with precise accuracy. Your method of delivery helps us enjoy the course without the stress. You ensure the applications are imprinted in our minds through the laughter. Highly recommend to all practitioners who need that particular breakthrough. Thank you”
Kelsanta Leo

“Thank you for making my life easier by compiling all the great information for us. You have been very motivating as a teacher and I wish to see more great stuff in the future! Best wishes and good health.”
Linda Seck

“Thank you for the wonderful BaZi Module 4.”
Sri Mulyadi

“This course is really a Master Practitioner course. No other course comes nearly as close, and I have done my homework and checked out the course materials of practically all BaZi courses worldwide from students who have done these courses. No other course comes anywhere close. Without this course, your information will be incomplete. A must for every practitioner of any branch of Chinese Metaphysics.”
Sherry Merchant

“Thank you again for such a wonderful course.”
Jeniffer Aw

“A truly amazing course! We will never look at BaZi the same way again. Not just a wonderful course but also your enthusiasm was tangible which made it ever better. You expect so much from us but now we can see why. Lots of practice necessary, but based on this information, and much practice, will certainly achieve the required level. Keep teaching. Thank you!”
Diane Grobler

“Many Thanks Joey for your advancement. This class is so fabulous. The text given is so intensive, very informative. You have upgraded us to a higher level of reading a BaZi chart. You are a great Master to learn from.”
Vivien Ng

“Thank you for the huge work that you have done for extracting the Classics for us. With this handbook I can feel as a real professional consultant. See you again soon!”
Eva-Maria Spotta

“As usual, an excellent course that all serious BaZi Practitioners should never miss. Appreciate your effort in making this learning journey a joyful one.”
Helen Ong

“Thank you Joey for this course, I very much appreciate it. You have brought the sunshine to us.”
Diamanda Huynh

“Very deep and informative, special guidance provided. He really helped us in providing us the techniques to read the BaZi charts effectively and also taught us to select dates for important events.”
Taning Yandono

“Absolutely fabulous! It is not just a step from Module 3, it is a major leap! Really glad to receive guidance with regards to the Classics. Really look forward to Yi Jing class and further Classics Reading classes.”
Bonita Pang

“Thank you for an excellent course. As usual, you have always live up to our expectation, if not higher. Course materials were in-depth and definitely application based. Quality of materials rooted and reiterated well. I am sure we will not find another school willing to share the real art of BaZi readings.”
Lee Tat Khuen

“Every time I attend your course I will always feel that it was the best. But this BaZi Module 4 course really exceeded my expectations. I found the course’s materials so useful and so helpful in developing my BaZi knowledge and practice. Now I feel fully equipped to utilize and popularize this unbelievable knowledge in my country. Thank you very much.”
Anna Sztandera

“It was a really nice course. Enjoying time together with all my colleagues and friends. BaZi is really another art since you taught me to use this skill. Healthy Qi and admiration.”
Birgit X. Fischer

“Mind boggling, intriguing and unbelievable vast ocean of knowledge – that’s BaZi Module 4! We are extremely fortunate to benefit from your strong determination and devoted dedication towards the promotion of metaphysic science in the world. You are truly the 8th Wonder in the World of metaphysics. Congratulations to another great achievement on this inaugural BaZi Module 4!”
Leonard Tham

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Dato' Joey Yap is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia consultant in Asia. He is an international speaker, bestselling author of over 160 books and master trainer in Chinese Metaphysics. He is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and the Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group.


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