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It’s interesting.

Tan Hui Ping , Singapore

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  Recent Classes

Recent Classes

The Mian Xiang Module 2 experience

(13 to 14 Nov 2005 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
To be honest, I had no idea what to expect after the earlier Mian Xiang Module 1. I even had second thoughts about this Module 2. But 15 minutes into the lesson I knew I had made the right choice and was quite delighted to be there.

How do you start ‘reading' a person the moment he or she walks into the room? Is this ‘Officer' material (Guan) or commoner or criminal? Shen Xiang Chuan Pian's ‘8 Factor Assessment' tells you this. Reading gestures, before the face, can give you the bigger structure of the person's character and potential.

“Very good and interesting. Informative.” Candice Lai

Many people have also wondered if a big nose equals great wealth. It depends if the cheekbones (assistants) support the nose, as well as if the ‘6 Mansions' are of superior quality (from the ‘Tai Qing Shen Jian' classic). If one can generate wealth, one has to know how to store it. The quality of the mansions also tells you what kind of wealth is being stored.

Persons of great talents can also be categorised into character structures. Speech, vitality, expression, and even walking pace can collectively indicate if the person next to you at lunch will be the next tycoon or bigwig.

The most crucial Mian Xiang assessment would have to the ‘13 Meridians'. Each meridian governs a set of features that has to be read against one other for a complete, more accurate analysis – advanced ‘Hun Liu Fa' or ‘Multiple Position Reading'. These essential fundamentals of Mian Xiang, as dictated in the classic ‘Shen Xiang Chuan Pian' made up the topics of Day 1. Module 2 teaches ‘right brain' application based on Module 1's ‘left brain' fundamentals – taking Face Physiognomy Reading to a higher, deeper level.

Day 2 started out by revisiting all the ‘5 Officers'. My favourite would have to be the brows. What is the function of the brow? Where should it curve, and what happens when it doesn't? Is the bone of the brow more important than the hairs, or vice versa? To assess the quality of any set of brows, we were taught the ‘6 Harms of the Brows' (Liu Hai). Reading brows do not mean we have to memorize all possible types of brow formations – understanding the character concept of this ‘officer' allows you to read any kind of brows you may encounter.

“Great teaching! Good instructor. Congratulations! It was well presented.” RGCK

A small mouth, contrary to popular belief, has its useful aspects too. ‘Dragon Eyes' can indicate a great man while a powerful woman has ‘Phoenix Eyes'. Add in the ‘5 Mountains Rising' and you can be sure that this is not only a millionaire but also a powerful individual with many supporters. Ultimately, it does not matter whether you have small eyes, big eyes, long or short eyes, the quality of the eyes can tell you if the person is living life to his or her full potential.

The last part of the course focused on the practical aspects of Face Reading and putting the pieces together. How do you spot an honest face, an argumentative face, a seductress, and a compulsive liar is all covered under ‘Character Analysis'. ‘Career Analysis' helps you spot the person for the right job. One section is devoted to ‘Relationship analysis'. Last but not least, ‘Health Analysis' tell us the type of potential illnesses a person may be undergoing or might face in future.

“More detail analysis covered, very systematic to read correctly and accurately. Very interesting course.” Ng Yin Choo

The depth and practicality of Mian Xiang M2 is astounding. If you practise Feng Shui, this is what you need to help you ‘diagnose' your clients' condition before you ‘prescribe' the Feng Shui measures. BaZi practitioners will now be able to instantly verify their findings by double-checking with the person's face. Mian Xiang is typically used as the ‘back-up' diagnosis method to complement BaZi, but MX Module 2 can give you the confidence to make Face Physiognomy Reading your PRIMARY diagnostic tool. What's more interesting is that it's much easier to learn than Feng Shui or BaZi – and finding ‘samples' for practise is extremely easy and readily available.

Reported by Sherwin Ng

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