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After studies various forms of divination I learned during these day when I study Xuan Kong new dimensions of divination. And it is really fascinated. And I saw how small is the part of flying stars. So to handle Xuan Kong is a challenge. And what I also like is to study the classics although I can’t read it in Chinese. But when I listen to you, it becomes colorful and it show how difficult is to study these things. I thank you for the change to do this

Ingrid Huse, Germany

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  Recent Classes

Recent Classes

Xuan Kong Module 1 and Module 2A : The best kept secret yet of Period 8
Xuan Kong Module 1 & Module 2A
21 - 24 May 2006
Mastery Academy, Malaysia

Joey Yap’s Xuan Kong Mastery Series might just be the best kept secret yet of Period 8.

I was once told that if you know Xuan Kong, you can do Feng Shui without a Luo Pan. Today those words ring true.

First and foremost, Xuan Kong is not equivalent to Flying Stars. Flying Stars, which is so popular today, is but a fraction of what Xuan Kong has to offer. This brings an end to the eternal debate of which Period to use, or which Facing Direction to go with when plotting a Flying Star chart. If you are skilled enough, you can ‘find’ the ‘star’. But first, you have to know how to find the ‘Gua’ (Trigram).

In Xuan Kong (XK), each of the 9 stars can be used.

What about the ‘bad’ stars like #5 and #2? Are they really bad in the first place? Each star has its unique character. They are neither good nor bad – even the famed #8 can be troublesome if it is not used correctly. The trick is in bringing out the ‘Sheng Wang’ (growth & prosperity) of ANY star, and use it to suit your needs. This of course has NOTHING to do with placing rocks, roosters, or ‘remedies’ – Qi is not affected by minute manmade items. All three Earth stars, the #2, #8, and #5 are all ‘Wealth stars’ – ‘Huge Door’, ‘Assistant’, ‘Chastity’ The question is – can you handle it?

With Xuan Kong, there are no more worries as to what stars fly to your main door or bedroom. Personally, I have always been a fan of the #7 star. If indeed only the star #8 is useable in Period 8, does that mean we have to wait for Period 2 to use the star #2? That is another sad 60 years away. XK allows the user to ‘lure in’ stars and ‘push out’ stars as and when required. Exorbitant? Isn’t the study on Yin and Yang, after all, about balance and opposites?

What’s more, Flying Stars can ‘fly’ upwards and sideways as well (vertical and horizontal flight path). Hey, no one said that Qi was flat – in fact, Qi is very much alive in 3D.

With the 10 percent of Feng Shui aside, Xuan Kong is all about divination. It drives the practitioner to come to terms with the core principle of all Metaphysical studies – the concept of ‘Affinity’. Having understood this idea and seeing Affinity in action, one will also understand how to read a BaZi chart without worrying about the accuracy of the time of birth. How do you know that the ‘right’ birth time is the accurate universal time in the first place? A skilled practitioner is not bound by the limits of any chart. A chart is just a tool. It does not tell you what to do. That’s the practitioner’s job. A chart offers you information. The question is – are you good enough to read it?

Master Joey Yap once said a long time ago: “In Feng Shui, we must not be stubborn. There is no ONE right way to do it.”

And the Xuan Kong Mastery Series explains it all.

XK fun fact: Learn what Grandmaster Yang does after he ‘retires’, as written in the first line of the classic ‘Green Satchel Preface’.

Reported by Sherwin Ng

“Excellent! Many doubts and lack of confidence of applying Flying Stars etc have been cleared up.”
Toh Kong Eu

“Very interesting and ‘eye opening’ class.”
Candice Lai

“Both courses were very enlightening! Presented in the ‘Joey Fashion’ – Professional and fun! Can’t wait for more!”
Jane Dempster Smith

“Joey is a wizard with numbers conjuring up images that a regular practitioner would not see. With great skill he has shown us what a Gua, Star and Hexagram is and can be. Looking forward to Module 2B!”
Preet Kahlon

“Very in-depth; lots of potential for practical applications.”
Lim Yew Boon

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Dato' Joey Yap is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia consultant in Asia. He is an international speaker, bestselling author of over 160 books and master trainer in Chinese Metaphysics. He is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and the Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group.


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