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The ancient saying: ‘to journey a thousand miles is better than to read ten thousand books’ is not wrong as I had truly experienced it. Thank you.

Christopher Yeo, Laos

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  Recent Classes

Recent Classes

BaZi Mastery Series™ Module 4 - Mid Valley City
31st July – 4th August 2006
All Day Masters are not born equal.

Even before we students managed to warm our seats, we were already deep into BaZi territory, being led into the various theories and applications by Master Trainer Joey Yap.

The first session kicked off with a re-introduction to the 10 Day Master Stems – according to the classics Di Tian Sui, which ones made the best business people, runway models, politicians, spiritual icons, war generals, strategists, and – one thing close to our hearts – Feng Shui/BaZi Masters. Yes, life is never fair. Affinity is the key. It made us wonder how many people out there were doing what they were meant to do?

The class picked up momentum as we eased into the individual 60 Jia Zi. If you want to assess Four Pillars in 5 seconds, this is how you do it. Every Pillar (Jia Zi) is dissected mercilessly and then reassembled gracefully; each a personification of unique strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, form and image. Imagine, it took us two full days to complete the 60 Jia Zi one by one. The fact that you are a Wu Chen man or a Ding You woman is already a story on its own.

In between Pillars, we took little sips of the ‘Wu Xing Sheng Ke Fu’ (Five Elements Growth & Controlling Scriptures) as well as the famous ‘Di Tian Sui’ (Drips of Heavenly Essence), all important texts in the history of BaZi astrological studies. Not only that, we even had a look at the BaZi chart of the author of the ‘Qiong Tong Bao Jian’ and the brilliant strategist from the time of the Three Kingdoms, Master Zhu Ge Liang.

And yet we were barely halfway through the course. Many students made it a point to revise every evening to make sure they were prepared for the next day, along the way, the bonds of friendship that we had built as fellow students were cemented as we gained a greater respect for each other’s talents and abilities.

‘Shen Sha’ (Gods & Killings) methodologies came in during day three. While in the earlier Modules of the BaZi Mastery series we saw individual Shen Sha ‘Stars’, now we have Stars in Pillars and special arrangements. We saw how seemingly ordinary charts become ‘extraordinary’ because of specific time and year.

The students were really eager to learn more about the ‘Qiong Tong Bao Jian’, the text that enables a practitioner to assess the grade and quality of a BaZi chart. Whether you are the next Bill Gates, Donald Trump, David Copperfield, Kang Xi or Empress Wu depends on this. It’s either you have the special ingredients – or you don’t.

Day four kicked-off with sophisticated BaZi assessment methods. Every person’s character, emotion, fortune, and well-being can be sized up in a glance by pinpointing specific stars and palaces. Not only do you want to be quick, you also need to be accurate.

The final day, we focused on Date Selection techniques – a personal favourite of many students and a topic many had been looking forward to, as it would come in handy in their practice of Feng Shui as well.

How difficult can choosing a date be, you ask? Well, after the extensive sieving process in which we eliminated inauspicious dates and selected the good dates, we still had to further narrow it by a person’s BaZi and the type of activity in question. By the time you are done, you very often find only 3-4 days that are good in a month.

Now you know why there are practitioners who specialize only in Date Selection. Caesarian birth selection is no walk-in-the-park either. During our exercise, we needed to wade through quite a lot of charts to select the correct one and then make sure that it would match the parents. Some students were a little shocked to discover their first try resulted in a rather negative outcome.

With all the BaZi knowledge we had been studying over the last few days, we thought we had learnt it all but Joey had one last lesson for us. With theory comes application, and in today’s world, knowing your stuff is just half the race. Knowing how to effectively deliver your knowledge is the next. Yet there is no ONE sure way of winning the game.

Are you the ‘Hurting Officer’ who combines confidence, wit and wisdom to educate your clients – or are you the ‘Eating God’ who takes it slow, obsesses over details, and brings your client to the top? No two people consult the same way, nor can we force ourselves to be something that we are not. The trick is to go with the flow and make use of our own BaZi and our inherent skills to become skillful BaZi practitioners.

Loyal to tradition, the Module 4 of the BaZi Mastery Series came to a close with the Graduation Dinner at Hotel Le Meridien. Instructors and students from all over the globe, even those who have attended the M4 last year, had a wonderful time ‘reminiscing’ the past week of intense study. As the Graduation Dinner drew to an end, we were already looking forward to being able to apply all the newfound knowledge of BaZi.

Reported by Sherwin Ng

Rave reviews for BaZi Module 4, Mid-Valley (31st July -4th August 2006)
Instructor: Joey Yap

George Schmidt
“Overwhelming information: Thank You!”

Margaret Yip
“Excellent examples given to complement the course – we could interact the teachings and immediately understand the course. Thank you Joey for your great teaching”

“A highly beneficial course for anyone serious in BaZi. Joey, you are the BEST! Thank you so much.”

Di Grobler
“Again – Outstanding! Last year was fantastic but this year was exceptional. This proves that one needs to keep repeating. A wealth of knowledge even though it is a repeat class. Well done – You are phenomenal!! Many Thanks.”

Yoshiko Sinaga
“It’s an extensive course with a lot of new information to digest and a lot of charts to practise. It is very good and helps to read charts better…”

Dr Davis Ajiaribowo
“Joey Yap is Brilliant!”

Jerry Koh
“As usual; fast, entertaining and enlightening. Straight to the point…So many case studies. Who else but Joey (who) can deliver it all”

Sonia Chong
“I CAN READ (A BAZI CHART). Yeah! Joey is GOOD!”

Chris Len
“Informative & Useful! Great Course!”

Lynn Tems Young
“Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge…”

Katrina Healing
“Fast paced, packed with a lot of information…Great to have more tools now to improve the speed and accuracy of my readings. Thank you.”

Helene Weber
“This course is really going much further than scholar things. Now we are entering the (real) reading of a BaZi chart. Before, we were only looking at details and not focusing on the real important facts. Thank you so much”

Jayne Goodrick
“Once again, another course packed with new information, (more) advanced than the last year’s. Well worth coming the first time. Equally worth coming the second! Many thanks.”

Anna Stzandera
“I flew 12 hours to ‘repeat’ this BZ4 course but as always, any course with Joey gives you a new output, new perspective plus also additional new info…I will fly back another 12 hours satisfied and equipped with so valuable info…Thany you very much

Preet Kahlon
“Mastery Academy is helping students unlock treasure troves of knowledge which have been previously unattainable. It is a privilege to learn from Joey Yap. BZ4 helps bind the knowledge from previous modules into an intense and rich, unparalleled module”

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Dato' Joey Yap is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia consultant in Asia. He is an international speaker, bestselling author of over 160 books and master trainer in Chinese Metaphysics. He is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and the Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group.


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