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Joey is exceptionally talented. I enjoyed the course very much. Concise and loaded with information. Very worth while. Thanks Joey.

Wong Weng Yin, Australia

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  Recent Classes

Recent Classes

Mian Xiang Module 1 and 2 - Mid Valley City
20th-22nd August 2006
From the 20th till the 22nd August 2006, Joey Yap shared his passion of Mian Xiang (Face Reading) with a group of enthusiastic students at the Mastery Academy headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

Held right on the heel of the successful Face & Destiny Seminars 2006 in KL and Singapore respectively, the Mian Xiang course has quickly become one of the most sought-after courses for fans of Chinese Metaphysics studies.

It was the third Mian Xiang Module 2 organised by the Mastery Academy. Students who attended these courses were impressed with the information presented in the class and left with knowledge that would enable them to better understand their partners and colleagues based on facial characteristics.

Mian Xiang Module 1 is about the fundamentals of face reading. It explains the basic of the Chinese Art of Face Reading, placing emphasis on the five elements on the face and how to determine a balance and symmetry in face shapes, forehead analysis and clear definition of each individual’s features.

On the other hand, Mian Xiang Module 2 delves deeper on the essential understanding of face reading that includes the eight important factors of Face Reading, study of veins on the face and the 100-Year Map. It teaches students practical face reading for character, relationships, career and health analysis.

This module denotes that people of power, talent and wealth can be categorized by certain characteristic facial structures. It is was an interesting revelation to the students to find out that speech, vitality, posture and even expression can determine one’s character.

Although the Mian Xiang Module 2 was conducted on a more serious note compared to Module 1, the overall environment was still fun and light. Students were encouraged to study their partners’ faces and make their own analysis.

It was great fun for the students trying to ‘discover’ new things or future achievements of their colleagues in the class. Laughter filled the room as students interacted with each other as ‘examples’ for their study.

Reported by Dafizeck

Rave Reviews for Mian Xiang Mastery Module 1, Mid Valley City
Instructor: Joey Yap

Rosalind Loke
“Very, very interesting. I hope I can join Module 2 next year.”

Gavin Ng
“It helped me to better understand a person’s characters and how to deal with different people effectively.”

Emily Tan
“Course is comprehensive and clear-cut. It is enjoyable and (I) will recommend (it) to others”

Cha Weay Chia
“Very practical & enjoyable”

Nancy Chuah
“Very enjoyable & fun learning”

Jennifer McLellan
“Very interesting & enjoyable. Great way to learn in class, through humour. Thanks Joey.”

Dr Ting Ing Kiong
“Coming to a class like this is very different from reading books. It really makes Face Reading a lot easier. It’s a very interesting class. Thanks Joey. Really enjoying myself.”

Sia Beng Yen
“Enjoy it very much”

Wong Lee Cheng
“Good, interesting, fun”

Kirk Loh
“Fascinating & thoroughly enjoyable”

Jenny Goh
“Very interesting course. I understand (Face Reading) better after attending the class. Would recommend my friends to attend this class”

Betsy Choo
“Good – Enjoy the seminar”

Andrew Goh Kit Wah
“Very interesting. Should be recommended to friends!!”

Susan Lim
“Great! Enjoy (it) very much”

Woo Sou Khuen
“Clear and detailed explanation”

Rave Reviews for Mian Xiang Mastery Module 2, Mid Valley City
Instructor: Joey Yap

Dr Ting Ing Kiong
“After attending Mian Xiang Module Two, it really makes Face Reading an easy and interesting job. With this knowledge in my head, I will be able to select friend and business partner more carefully. Joey is an excellent teacher. He makes the course interesting and easy.”

Liew Choon Yick
“Very comprehensive course, covering every aspect of Face Reading. Very useful skill to acquire as it provides you with tool to read people’s character etc. for your daily interaction.”

Joan Ting
“Opens a new world of knowledge to me”

Wong Lee Cheng
“Thank you Joey! Very interesting topics and good teaching.”

Leonard Tham
“Detailed, Practical & Useful.”

Mian Xiang Mastery Series™ Module 1
Mian Xiang Mastery Series™ Module 2

[ To Learn more about Mian Xiang Mastery Series™ ]

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Dato' Joey Yap is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia consultant in Asia. He is an international speaker, bestselling author of over 160 books and master trainer in Chinese Metaphysics. He is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and the Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group.


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