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I was totally blown away by Joey Yap's generosity. I have taken classes - too many to count - and to have an offer to share the DYD information and earn some income without fees, percentages, etc., is so alien a concept that I would be proud to share and help others. I was very impressed especially when I compare the teacher to all of the others I have taken courses from. I think I would enjoy learning from Joey Yap and now need to save to attend more classes!

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  Recent Classes

Recent Classes

Feng Shui Mastery Series™ Module 3 - Kuala Lumpur
5th to 7th November 2006

The Feng Shui Mastery Module 3 (FSM 3) course by Joey Yap at the Mastery Academy Training Centre brought the students a step closer to becoming professional practitioners.

The FSM 3 was held from 5th to 7th November and was attended by a group of eager students, including students from abroad. They have been anticipating a rich and rewarding experience with Joey in this module. Most of them having completed the FSM Module Two, were looking forward to the next step up in their Feng Shui knowledge.

The air was filled with excitement as the students prepared for the class to begin. They mingled to share their Feng Shui pursuits and some took the opportunity to discuss techniques and principles from previous Feng Shui Mastery modules.

Some of the students had already begun to practise Feng Shui after the Module Two course and decided to attend the FSM 3 to take their skills to the next level.

Before going into the modules for FSM3, Joey did a brief recap of the content of FSM2 as a refresher for the students.

He elaborated on how to observe, identify and select the right sites based on the correct external landform or Luan Tou.

Joey also shared his personal experience of doing Feng Shui audits over the years with the students, citing special cases and drawing examples of how the principles and methodologies can be effectively applied.

The students also were also exposed to the methods of finding a good location in the flatland dragon area and the correct way to assess mountains/dragons, an aspect regarded a closely-guarded secret in Feng Shui circle.

Besides this, Joey showed them instances where and why some formula like the 5 Ghost Carry Treasure did not work and what they could do. He noted that this could be overcome by determining that the house location has the correct ingredients, and applying the San He water formula.

Joey then proceeded to show the students the methods of evaluating Form Sha and how to fix possible problems that may arise. In addition, he explained what needed to be done to tap into the good Qi for a property that has beneficial formations in the environment.

The students were obviously pleased with their new discovery and satisfied with the teaching conducted by Joey Yap as the information and guides presented during the three-day intensive course gave them a deeper understanding of the advanced formula in Feng Shui.

Reported by Dafizeck

Rave Reviews for Feng Shui Mastery Module 3, Mid Valley – 5th to 7th November 2006
Instructor: Joey Yap

Kit T. Hau Hon Sang
“Very enriching and interesting course…Joey’s approach makes very complicated formulas look so simple.”

Au Yong Chee Tuck
“The slide show of images of properties throughout the world was very interesting and helped to explain the concepts in practical, outdoor surroundings.”

Anne Marie Kolstrup
“Inspiring. Motivational. Joey (is) very good as always.”

Steve Powell
“High-grade essentials are provided to permit Landform understanding and achieve a high level of efficiency.”

Poney Chiang
“Excellent seminar! Very good orator, effective teaching, entertaining and informative.”

Bernard Lim
“An extremely enlightening class. My deepest thanks to Joey for sharing his knowledge”

Himbitskaya Alena
“Very, very good and interesting! Thank You!!

Ng See Hein
“Comprehensive content, great delivery. (The course) brings my knowledge to another level. A quantum leap. Thank you very much.”

Lim Keng Hock
“Excellent presentation.”

Dusan Donko

Denise Martine
“It was great! Thanks for all (that) you have given to us.”

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Dato' Joey Yap is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia consultant in Asia. He is an international speaker, bestselling author of over 160 books and master trainer in Chinese Metaphysics. He is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and the Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group.


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