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Very impressive, you are able to teach the essence of the Classical Feng Shui in a very short period. The course is well structured and presented. Looking forward to meeting you in the future for more sharing of knowledge. Thank you.

Logan Phang Chung Wah, Malaysia

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  Recent Classes

Recent Classes

Joey teaches Xuan Kong Module 2B

June 19th – 20th, Kuala Lumpur

Xuan Kong Mastery SeriesTM Module 2B class is the Mastery Academy’s most advanced level Xuan Kong class to date.  Themed Purple White Classics, it delves into the various ancient classical texts in consolidating students’ knowledge of Xuan Kong Feng Shui.  Hence, a strong grasp of advanced Xuan Kong methodologies is naturally a pre-requisite to successfully complete Module 2B.

Being the 3rd such course of its kind since 2005, it was perhaps unsurprising that this particular Module 2B class drew students from as far as North America, South Africa, Europe and the Asia Pacific region; many of whom are established practitioners in their home countries.  It also holds the distinction of being the largest Module 2B class thus far, with almost the participation of 40 students. 

As its name suggested, the students set about deciphering the almost-cryptic Purple White Classics (Zi Bai Jue) and other classical texts such as the Xuan Kong Scriptures (Xuan Ji Fu), in transliterating the gist of their contents into technical but more easily understandable language.  In addition, advanced techniques excerpted from these classics such as the Period Master (Tung Lin), House Master (Chuan Lin) and Purple White Qi Men (Mystical Doors).

The students also analyzed different star combinations and how these combinations react under different environmental circumstances.  This is one of Xuan Kong’s greatest strengths that allows for `predictive’ Feng Shui, where a practitioner is able to foretell what will happen in a particular property, and to which occupant.       

Module 2B ended with Joey engaging the entire class in a lively discussion on the case studies used as practice-examples, to confirm that his students have indeed acquired what they came to learn.

eported by K.W. Tan

Student Review

Xuán Kōng 2B Purple White – Beyond Flying Stars

June 19-20, 2007 saw the gathering in Kuala Lumpur of senior students from around the world to attend Master Joey’s Xuán Kōng 2B course (XK2B). Two-thirds of my classmates had already completed the Academy’s highest modules (i.e. Module 4) of both Fēng Shuĭ and BāZì streams. A number were already successful Fēng Shuĭ consultants in their own right!

What is XK2B about? In brief, it is a post-graduate level course on advanced fundamentals of Xuán Kōng (玄空). Specifically, XK2B covers principles and applications derived from the Purple White Script (紫白訣, Zĭ Bái Jué) classic.

The Purple White Script, said to been written around the Táng Dynasty (618–907AD), was a key source book used by famous Fēng Shuĭ masters, including Jiăng Dà Hóng (蔣大鴻), Zhāng Zhóng Shān (章仲山) and Shěn Zhú Réng (沈竹礽). Shěn is the master whose book, compiled in the 1930s by his son, brought Flying Stars popular attention.

The Purple White Script is composed of Upper and Lower Scrolls – the Upper is on concepts and Lower on applications, including star combinations. Interestingly, Shěn’s Flying Stars appears to primarily draw from just the Lower Scroll. In contrast, XK2B is a study of both Scrolls – we could say that the course, thus, goes beyond Flying Stars.

Interpretation, not just translation
But why doesn’t a student just read the Classic himself? Well, it is one thing to translate a metaphysics text (believe me, I have tried it!), and quite another to interpret its writings. Interpretation requires a key. This key usually takes the form of a paradigm (i.e. a pattern of understanding), and XK2B provides it for the Purple White Script.

Early on, Joey gave the class a heavenly, hearty start by citing a short Xuán Kōng poem reflecting basic principles. A hint – the poem contained the phrase ‘Kūn Rén Yĭ (坤壬乙)’.

We then moved onto the Purple White Script proper by studying a quote from the Upper Scroll:
Using the Map luck as body, Book luck as application. This is the usual.
Using the Map to explore the Book and Book to explore the map, This is the transformation.

After which came a discussion of three critical relationships in Purple White. The importance of these relationships became more and more evident over the two days of the course. In preparation for a fuller review of such relationships, Joey reprised the nature of the nine stars, contrasting them against the eight Guà (yes, there is a difference!).

Relating stars
The class then explored Purple White techniques involving star combinations. Ideas were taken from the Purple White Script, and also other Xuán Kōng classics such as the Flying Star Poem (飛星賦, Fēi Xīng Fù), Mysterious Secrets Poem (玄機賦, Xuán Jī Fù), and Xuán Kōng Secret Meanings (玄空秘旨, Xuán Kōng Mì Zhĭ). Here, we looked at the interactions between palaces, environment, visiting stars, Qì mouth and the individual person.

We next delved into the Purple White Script Lower Scroll in respect of combinations. Joey, demonstrating his ease with the Classics, drew our attention to the Scroll’s consistency with a paragraph in Master Yáng Yún Sōng’s (楊筠松) Heavenly Jade Classic (天玉經, Tiān Yù Jīng). As an aside, attendees were warned against misreading the sequence of numbers as written in classical text. You could say some of our class scholars (4,1) were on fire (7,9) after this part of the session!

Seeing stars
A discussion about the effect of a star encountering another began with an extract from Yáng’s Green Satchel Profound Sayings (青囊奧語, Qīng Náng Aò Yŭ)). This was followed by the topic on ‘Out-of-Guà’, which proved to be a bit of an eye-opener for some attendees! Simply put, ‘Out-of-Guà’ helps explain why the impact of a house’s Fēng Shuĭ may markedly differ between individuals in that residence.

We then returned to the Upper Scroll where Joey sounded out the hidden meanings of further Purple White techniques, namely those of:

  • Period Master and House Master;
  • 8 Mystical Doors;
  • Year Replace Year;
  • Month Replace Month;
  • Floor Replace Palace; and
  • Entrance Replace Room.

The class finished with a flourish as Joey impressed all, in response to a student’s question, with a quick example of Purple White divination (39). Seriously!

What’s next?
The payoff for XK2B students is an ability to apply additional Xuán Kōng techniques rooted in strong fundamentals beyond those previously learnt in their flying stars studies.

For you readers inspired to attend the next XK2B class, may I pass on the advice several Instructors kindly gave prior to the session: ‘prepare, prepare, prepare’. We need to know our basics, and prior modules, well. XK2B is not a class for the less-than-diligent. In passing, you may wish to consider emailing your intentions to the Academy’s Ms. Jaime Shun ( Why? Notice the two year hiatus before this recent class was held. Let Jaime know you want the next course conducted sooner rather than later!

In the meantime, some of my XK2B classmates are looking forward to the next higher Xuán Kōng module. A thousand-petalled lotus, anyone?

By Terence Chan


What some of the Students had to say about Xuan Kong Module 2B:

“Such wisdom.  Thank you.”
Marcia Small (Canada)

“A powerpacked insight into the secrets of Purple White with astonishing results.  Thank you!”
Leonard Tham (Malaysia)

“Thanks again Joey for this intensive XK2B class.  To delve deeper understanding of the 9 Stars in Purple White Script is of great help.  I look forward to the next module soon.”
Vivien Ng Sweh Buay (Singapore)

“Very profound but yet well explained for the students.”
Simon Tham (Singapore)

“It’s really an amazing course!  Something that you can’t get from books and only from Mstr JY.  Thanks Joey!”
Candice Lai (Malaysia)

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Dato' Joey Yap is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia consultant in Asia. He is an international speaker, bestselling author of over 160 books and master trainer in Chinese Metaphysics. He is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and the Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group.


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