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Joey is truly amazing!

Absolutely mind blowing!

Simply superb!

The kind of enhancement he has given to our feng shui information is tremendous.

Just Great!

No comparison!

Meenakshi Jain, India

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  Recent Classes

Recent Classes

Feng Shui Module 4: Feng Shui Lessons the Practical Way
October 15, 2008 – October 22, 2008

Feng Shui Module 4 can be aptly described as the grand finale for a student enrolled in the Mastery Academy Feng Shui Mastery Series. It is an intensive and vigorous course that takes the students out of the classroom and into the real world – in order to learn and experience Feng Shui as it is – no longer as theories and principles on paper. Fittingly enough, the course ran for a week from October 15 until October 22. And for the first time ever, the Module 4 class held in Kuala Lumpur saw the students heading to 2 new, additional locations besides KL – Johor and Singapore!

Module 4 is for students who want to earn their Diploma, based on case studies and practical site audits on which they'll be graded. At the end of the course, they will have to sit for an examination in order to be awarded their certificate.

Day 1 kicked off at the Mastery Academy lecture room, and excitement was the order of the day. Students who were already well-versed on the itinerary were raring to go on the practical audits, although these were not due to start until Day 2. The first day was more of a regular class, with an orientation session to kick things off, followed by several lecture sessions. Students were briefed on what they were to study and look out for over the course of the next 6 days.

Day 2 kicked off with excitement compounded to its highest levels, as Joey, some members of the MA staff, and all students gathered at the Lobby of the Boulevard Hotel in Mid Valley City before departing to the first practical site audit of the day – the South Gate of Wisma Mah Sing. This was an eye-opening session for students in terms of understanding how Qi can be harnessed for the purpose of a large corporation. This was truly Feng Shui on a larger scale compared to what most students were used to. Joey spent some considerable time pointing out how Feng Shui principles were applied in this location to benefit all the inhabitants of the building. While the students in Module 4 were almost-experts in their own right, having studied Feng Shui intensively in the previous modules, it was still a rare opportunity for them to observe 'Feng Shui in action,' as it were. Their findings and observations were explained and discussed in the lecture session later on in the afternoon.

Semenyih Memorial Hills was the location of choice for the Day 3 practical. Outfitted in practical shoes and rainproof clothes (or bringing along rain-proof gear in hand!), the students gamely headed to this peaceful and scenic piece of land that serves a burial park. But it was no ordinary burial park, as powerful Feng Shui was in play throughout the location. This is to ensure that the line of descendants of the people buried in this location will be affected with good Qi. On this vast and sprawling scenic burial spot, students were given a task to select 5 different plots of land as part of their case studies. Their challenge? To pick plots of land that were beneficial to the area in particular, as well as one that was specifically beneficial to their assistant instructor for the course! It was challenging, yet fun, and the students must be commended for their high spirits with which they approached their coursework. Joey also emphasised that they had to take note of the Incoming Dragons (hills and mountains) around the area.

Day 4 saw the students spend half a day on lectures, and the other half on travelling to Johor. As the day was already late, they checked into Sofitel Palm Resort and settled down for dinner and an early night with a much-needed time of rest! The next day saw the students departing for Leisure Farm Resort Residences, a series of properties that promote luxury resort-style residential living spaces. Here, students were made to look at three different types of properties and were made to assess the Feng Shui of these locations.

Students were up early on Day 6 to make their way to Singapore, where their first stop was the One Degree 15 Marina Club in Sentosa, an exclusive clubhouse and docking bay for private boats and yachts. This was a spectacular location for the students, and it was particularly challenging in a good way, as they had to take in the external formations around the clubhouse that was basically… water, water, and more water! It was indeed a hard, yet extremely valuable, lesson in external Feng Shui.

After a particularly tasty lunch, everyone made way to a private residence in Serangoon, owned by a long-time MA student, Sonia Chong. (A big thank you to Sonia!) She graciously loaned her residence for a few hours of "site auditing" as students were made to assess the Feng Shui in use for Sonia's residence – a consultation done by none other than Joey himself! It was a thoroughly fun and illuminating exercise in practical Feng Shui application.

The final day began with students doing one last site audit, and this was in Guang Ming Shan temple. The temple is reputedly the work of Feng Shui master Hong Shuan, who was well known for employing the Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui methods for performing Feng Shui audits.

Although Master Hong Shuan had applied Xuan Kong Flying Stars for the internal areas of the Guang Ming Shan temple, the assessment of the external landforms provided the students with an idea of the various other techniques that could also be applied to further improve Feng Shui potential of the temple.

After a short lecture at the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel (where they were staying), the class was officially over. The students put in commendable effort and were awarded with their Feng Shui Mastery Series Diploma Certificates at the graduation dinner. The night was still young after the dinner, and after a week of intense studying and work, the students decided to cap an incredible Feng Shui Module 4 experience by dancing the night away at a club in Clarke Quay. Suffice to say, no landform assessments were made that night! Students, instructors, and MA staff members had a whale of a time together for one last time, before departing back to KL the next day.

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Dato' Joey Yap is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia consultant in Asia. He is an international speaker, bestselling author of over 160 books and master trainer in Chinese Metaphysics. He is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and the Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group.


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