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This is an eye opening session for me. Joey’s knowledge on the subject is excellent! The course is structured and conducted in a very systematic way. I have gained a lot from this course. Thank you for enlightening me.

Gan Swee Lee, Singapore

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Tao of the Universe

Tao of the Universe
By Joey Yap

The heart of Chinese Metaphysics is to seek a co-operative balance with the workings of nature.

The heart of Chinese Metaphysics is to seek a co-operative balance with the workings of nature. The nature or order of our universe is known as the Tao. Many scholars translate the Tao as being the Way or the Path. Chinese sages, philosophers and scholars in the old days spent years seeking this path to achieve immortality. Of course, 'immortality' has an abstract and profound meaning. Loosely demystified, what they were seeking was the 'ultimate' state of life.

The closer we get to this 'ultimate' state, the more fulfilled our lives become. And to achieve this, we seek balance in our life, emotions, feelings, thoughts and the way we live.

Chinese sages came to the conslusion that the origin of all existence and all beings before creation came from the Tao. We can express that the Tao is a model of nature where all living beings live in interdependency.

Many renowned scientists agree that there is a dynamic oscillation form of energy connecting everything and every living being in our world. They call this unique phenomena that links everything in the Universe; Vibrations. We come to understand that people are also made up of minute particles vibrating in certain frequencies. Every individual’s unique pattern and form of frequency are different.

Between Man, the Universe and Earth – there exists an unseen Vibration. The Chinese sages centuries ago, called this vibration Qi. All existence is said to be but vibrations; influencing, interrelating, interchanging and dependant on the other. This is the concept of the Tao and it is used as the basis of Feng Shui studies.

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