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A well-designed course, I thoroughly enjoyed it. All Feng Shui students should attend this course to complete their studies. Thank you Joey.

Helen Ong, Singapore

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Measuring The Facing Direction of a Door

Measuring The Facing Direction of a Door
By Joey Yap

The basic way of measuring the door facing.

If you wish to measure a facing direction of a door, stand on the inside looking outwards using your compass.

Door Facing

Do not be confused between ‘location’ of the door and the ‘direction’ of the door. These are actually very different aspects.

For example:
A door can be located in North and face West.

Door Facing Sample 1

Or a door can be located at the North and faces North.

Door Facing Sample 2

Here is a door located in the South East sector, facing South.

Door Facing Sample 3

Here is a door that is located at the West, facing South.

Door Facing Sample 4

So, you can have a door in the South sector of your home but have it facing Southeast.

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