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Although the workshop was so intensive and complex, you managed to give me a flash of enlighten. Thank you so much.

Bianca Esser , Germany

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Measuring The Facing Direction of a Building

Measuring The Facing Direction of a Building
By Joey Yap

There is a difference between Door Facing and Building Facing. Find out the way to measuring the facing of a building.

There is a difference between Door Facing and Building Facing. Many people are confused that the Main Door Facing of a property represents the Facing of the property. This is incorrect.

The Facing of a Property is determined by considering the following factors collectively:

  • The orientation of the whole building.
    • Consider which side the building was built intentionally to face.
    • Some buildings are built to face the main road, the beautiful golf course or the seaside.
  • The most ‘yang’ side of the building
    • Consider which side of the building receives the most ‘yang’ Qi.
    • For example, the main road
  • The side that receives the most light
    • This is a derivative from the previous point where the side receives most ‘light’ is where it is most yang. Usually the side with the most windows or doors.
  • The Main Door Facing

Some examples:

Building Facing 1
Building Facing 2

Consider the above four points collectively and decide on the Facing Façade of the building. Measure this direction standing with your back to the building looking outwards.

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